Friendship is a mercury

Friendship is a mercury
Friendship is a mercury drop...
If its
Impossible to
don''t drop your friends.!
Stay in touch

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Misd calls reachesTHE MOBILE.
Recived Calls reachesTHE EARS,
But,SMS reaches"UR BEAUTIFUL EYES & LOVABLE HEART" so i always like 2send
there are three types of people in the world:

people who make things happen,

people who watch things happen

and people who wonder what the HELL just happened
Friendship is a collection of hearts,
ready 2 give, share and understand.

It never fades and never ends.
It only reminds us that life is
not perfect without a friend.
Hamari Dosti Aysi ho

k Tum

Har Raah

Har Nagar

Har Safar

Main milo

Agar mai mar bhi jaoon tu....

Aglay he Din Barabar wali Qabar mai millo
Few Moments In

- Frnd Walking Wid U
Holding Ur Hands

- Grabbing Frnd''s Food &

- Spending For Friends
& Spending Frnd''s Money

- Lying On Frnd''s
Shoulder While Class Is
Going On

- Hugging A Frnd In
Happiness Or In A
Difficult Situation

- Roaming, Picnic Wid

- Tears Within Or In Our
Eyes On Seeing Tears In
Frnd''s Eye

- Fights, Arguments With
Him Ending Up In More
Understanding .. (:
A nice quote by a true friend
"I don't care when you disturb me, it disturbs me when you don't disturb me"
Friends Are Like Wedgies ...

They''re Intimately Close

They Know Your Inner Self


It Feels Great When You Pick Out A Good One ... ;->
Dil Nu Lag Jaan Rog Tey Ki Kerye,
Kisi De Yaad Vich Ankhiyan Ron Te Ki Kerye,
Sanu Milian De Tamana Rehndi Hai Har Dam,
Par Je Yaar Hi Pul Jaan Te Ki Kerye.
. F R I E N D S H I P
,;*"*;, is like
*; ,;* a
__)(____ TRee.....
It is not MEASUREDby how TALL it could be,
but how deeply the roots have grown
Lafz app do
Geet ham banaien ge
Rastaa app do
Manzil ham painge
Bandhan aap do
Rishta ham bandhe ge
Phool aap do
Lari ham banaige
Kushi aap do
Hansi ham denge
Sache dost aap bano
Dosti hum nebhainge.
dosti hoti nahi bhool jane ke liye,
dost hote nahi bichhad jane ke liye,
dosti karke khush rahoge itna ki,
waqt nahi milega aansu bahane ke liye.
~ A Frnd''z Prayer ~

May My Frndshp
Alwayz B
The Mst Imprtnt Thing
2 Me
Wid Special Frndz I Feel
Em Blessed
So Lemme Give My Best
I Wana Do Mch More
Thn Share
The Hopes N Plans Of
Frndz Who Care
Lemme Use My Heart 2 C
2 Realize Wht Frndz
Can B
& Make No Judgment
Frm Afar
Luv My Frnz D Way
They R ... (: