Le kr Ana Usy

Le kr Ana Usy
*Le kr Ana Usy Mere JanazY MeiN Ek Akhri HaseeN MuLaqat to ho gi..!
*Mere Jism Mein Jaan to Ni Hogi Magar Meri jaaN Mere Jism k PasS To ho Gi..!

?Ibrahim Mughal?

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What Is Luv?
Asked In A Survey,

Answered By A 5 Year Girl,

''Luv Is Wen U Tell A Boy

That U Like His Shirt


He Starts Wearing It Everyday''
What Is Love. . .
It''s A Blind Devotion, Unquestioned Self-Humiliatio,
Utter Submission, Trust And Beleif Against Yoursel
Against The Whole WorldGiving Up Your Whole Heart And Soul To The Smiter. . .
When I''m away from u, I''m still with u. When my eyes are closed, I could still c u. When I''m awake, I still dream of u. When I feel I have everything, I still need u & no matter what, I''ll always luv u.
Wo Aaine Ko B Hairat Me Daal Deta H
Kisi Kisi Ko Khuda Ye Kamal Deta H
Ajib Shaks Hai Rulata H Muje,
Ansu Ponchne K Liye Rumaal Deta Hy
Hum Teri Aarzo Mein Jeetey
Tu Nahi Hai To
Zindagi Nahi
Luving has 2 phases.

1st Luving the person

bcoz of who he/she is,

2nd Loving the person

despite who he/she is not,

the 1st sparks luV,

the 2nd maks it Last.
Yeh Ansoo

Hanste hue, aankhon main kyun aa jaate hain ye aansoo
Yun khushi ko adhoora sa bana jaate hain ye aansoo ,
Dard itna hai saha, khaali ho gaya samandar ashkon ka
Jaane kahan se aankhon main bhar jaate hain ye aansoo,
Khush hoon main, koi shikwa zamane se na taqdeer se
Meri iss baat ko jhoota kyun bana jaate hain ye aansoo ,
Shayad khabar hai in ko bhi kis qadar tanha hoon main
Tanhaayi main mera saath nibha jaate hain ye aansoo.... !!
wo muhabat hai meri koi majbori to nahi
wo mjhy chahy ya mil jay zarori to nahi
ya kia km hai k basa hai meri ankho ma
wo rahy meri nazro k samany ya zarori to nahi
First Luv Is Unforgettable,

So Be Careful To Enter Dis Field,

As D First Shot May B D Last,

Only Lucky Ppl Get Best

Frm Der 1st Shot..

Go Ahead.
tab tak pyar se pyar mat karo jab tak pyar tumse pyar na kare
par jab pyar tumse pyar kare to pyar to itna pyar karo ki pyar kisi aur se pyar na kare
Jis insan ko gussa zayada aata hai wo insan piyar bhi utuna hi zayada karta hai
If red is a danger showing colour then red is also the colour of love
Missing some1 gets easier everyday
because even though you are one day further
from the last time you saw them
you are one day closer to the next time you will