Kabhi Mujh Ko Saath Lekar,....

Kabhi Mujh Ko Saath Lekar,....
Kabhi Mujh Ko Saath Lekar, Kabhi Mere Saath Chal Kar
Woh Badal Gaye Achaanak Meri Zindagi Badal Kar

Huye Jis Pey Meharaban Tum Koi Khush Nasib Hoga
Meri Hasaratein To Nikalin Mere Ansuuon Mein Dhal Ke

Teri Zulf-O-Rukh Kay Qurban Dil-E-Zaar Dhuundhata Hai
Wahi Champai Ujaale Wahi Suramai Dhundalake

Koi Phool Bun Gaya Hai Koi Chaand Koi Taara
Joh Chiraag Bujh Gaye Hain Teri Anjuman Mein Jal Ke

Mere Dosto Khudara Mere Saath Tum Bhi Dhuundo
Woh Yahin Kahin Chhupey Hain Mere Ghum Kaa Rukh Badal Kay

Teri Bejhijhak Hansi Say Na Kisi Kaa Dil Ho Mailaa
Yeh Nagar Hai Aainon Kaa Yahaan Saans Le Sambhal Ke

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SuCcEsS hUrTs
WhEn YoU dOn''T hAvE a LoVeD oNe To ShArE iT wItH...
BuT fAiLuRe AlSo LoOkS bEaUtIfUl
WhEn YoU hAvE a LoVeD oNe To HuG yOu... (:
If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain; in order to love you gotta risk the pain.
meri ankhon me sawan ki jhari rehti hai
jese koi kashti darya me khari rehti hai
dekh teri yad me kitna madhosh hon main
duniya ko meri or mujhy teri pari rehti hai
I could have a crappy day at work, but at night when I get to talk and think of you, you lift my gloomy spirits. You never makes me feel like I can have a bad day, and that is so uplifting to me.

Like I say so many times, you''re my Angel, sent from Heaven above to be my one and only. Your touch can excite me. When we are together, I wonder if you''re really there, or did I just had a sweet dream.
Silly Thing About

When U Get ''Little'', U
Want ''More''

When U Get ''More'', U
''Desire More''


When U ''Loose'' It, U
Realize Even ''Little''
Was ''Enough''
1st time i saw u i was scared 2 touch u.
1st time i touched u i was scared 2 kiss u.
1st time i kiss u i was scared to luv u.
but now dat i luv u im scared 2 lose u!
Gulshan ki tarah muje mehkaya karo tum
Din dhal jaye to raat ki rani ban jaya karo tum
Muje Tanhaion say bohat khouf aata hay
R kuch nahi to mera saya hi ban jaya karo tum
Tera Firaq muje khud say b begana karta hay
Khawab main b na apna daman churaya karo tum
Boy- Do you love me?
Girl-Yes !!
Boy-Prove it!
Boy-Jump down from the roof..
She walked up to the edge and said with a smile
Girl- Push me!
Leaves may from green to gold
and the sky from blue to grey.
The time keeps changing too
from autumn, spring to winter.
People keep changing too,
but one thing
will never change
is the love
I have for you
Love is when all you care about is that one person no one could hurt you more and yet no one can make you happier.
Come Close To Me

And Look Into My Eyes;

Tell Me What You See..

Try To Look Deeper

In Them,

And Find Yourself In Me..
What''s Love?

"Dont Ask D Person Who Loves Some1,

But Ask D Person Who Have Lost Some1"

They Only Can Feel D True Love