naqab special

naqab special
dar lagta hy humko un aankhon sy jo naqab main reh kar bhi hum par waar karti hain

Jun, 28 2014     82 chars (1 sms)     588 views       Broken Heart

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It HuRtS wHeN wE
rIsK oUr
It EnDs uP bEiNg
WhAt hUrTs MoRe iS
wHeN wE
HoLd On WhEn wE
aLrEaDy KnOw
We ArE wAiTiNg FoR
NOTHING ... =(
Aisa kya likhoon k tere dil ko taskeen pohunche Amjad....
Kya yahi kaafi nahi k tum yaad aa rahe ho.
Us K Hath Par Apna Naan Likha Dekha To Main Boht Khush Howa"

Wo Barey Masoom Se Lehjhey Me Bola ...............

Tere Hum Naam Aur Bi Hain
i wish certain people wont tell me

that they love me..

wanna know why?

so that i wont waste my time
believing their

sweetest lies....
Ab na ho Qabool to Qismat ki baat hai ?

Aameen Keh rahain hain Woh meri DUA ke saath
Some Broken Heart, May Never Mend,

Some Memories May Never End,

Some Wet Tears May Never Dry,

But My Love For You Will Never Die...
Maybe one day it will be ok again.
That''s all I want.
I don''t care what it takes.
I just want to be ok again
I cannot love as I have loved,
And yet I know not why;
It is the one great woe of life
To feel all feeling die.

~Philip James Bailey~
WaFa-E-JaaN ki QaSaM TuM nHi tO KUcH bHi nHi,,,*
MEiN Ne KUcH paL TuMHeiN bHuLa K DekHa Hai...*
Tumse mumkin ho to rok lo saansein hamari,
Dil jo dharkega to tum yaad aaogy.
Words From Broken Heart:

" I Said My Heart Is Urs..


I Didnt Say..






That U Have The Right To Break It..!!
4 saal lgtay hen insan ko agrarian bn'ne me
chahy sari umr lagy raho

wapis insan nhe bnta :)