Stake a number and wait in line

Stake a number and wait in line
I know you think I am cute

I know you think I am fine

But like the other guy

Stake a number and wait in line

Mar, 25 2014     111 chars (1 sms)     490 views       Flirt

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Touch my heart & u’ll feel,
Listen to my heart & u’ll hear,
Look into my heart & u’ll see,
That u’ll always be a special part of me
Roti huyi aankho se tujhe muskan kaise du

Anjaan hu khud tujhe pehchan kaise du

Tu hi to hai jaan meri

Tu hi bata tujhe apni jaan kaise du.
My dear friend,
I locked you in my heart
And dropped the key into Ocean
So that you can live in my heart always
And never come out

With Best Wishes.
u know about my smile?
it occurs on ur lips,
reflects in ur eyes
ends with a glow on ur face.
actually it exists only when u r happy
A - U"r Attractive
B - U"r D Best
C - U"r Cute
D - U"r Dear 2 me
E - U"r Excellent
F - U"r Funny
G - U"r Gud Looking
H - He He He
I - I"m
J - Just K - Kidding
One who smokes has a smoky heart; one who drinks has an alcoholic heart. So dear U must STOP eating sweets as u r already a SWEETEHART!
Even if I had 1 wish...
I wouldn"t wish for u to love me,
coz I don"t want your love to come from a wish...
but straight from your heart.
FlirtIng Is The OnlY Job In The World ThAt We CannoT IncluDe In OuR CV...

DespiTe Of hAving YeaRs Of ExpEriEncE anD numbEr Of ReffErenCes.. ;)
In da mornin I don’t eat coz I think of u,
at noon I don’t eat coz I think of u,
in da evenin I don’t eat coz I think of u,
at night I don’t sleep coz Im hungry
Cotton candy?
Chocolate syrup?
lemme c...
how about sugar?
still can''t find anything as
sweet as YOU!.
Hey, I just got your blood test report.
U have been tested HIV positive.
Report reads person has high percentage of Honey In Veins.
No Wonder!
~Cute Relationship~
When Someone Gets Angry With You
And Says...
I Will Never Talk To You... :(
And Later Comes Back To Inform