Can You See Me

Can You See Me
Can you see me? no?
Turn around, can you see me now? no?
Turn again, can you see me now?
I can see you because you have a special place in my heart!

Feb, 15 2014     148 chars (1 sms)     482 views       Flirt

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Oey kuti ke bachey

kitne pyarey hotey hain.... hain na?
Mere dil mein aaj kya hai
Wohi apne jo is dil mein pehle se hi the.
Aur iss dil mein marte dam tak rahenge.
Are main tumhare nahi
Apne Tricuspid, Mitral, Pulmonary aur
A-V valves k baat kar raha hoon..
Sapne saare tod kar beithe hai
dil ka armaan chod kar beithe hai
na kijiye humse wafa ki baatein
abhi-abhi dil ke tukde jod kar beithe hai
I don"t care how many lips u hv kissed,
how many shoulders u have embraced &
how many times u’ve said, I luv u!
All I care is not b the first but 2 b ur last!
My dear friend,
I locked you in my heart
And dropped the key into Ocean
So that you can live in my heart always
And never come out

With Best Wishes.
Andaz-e-pyar Aap ki ek ada hai dur ho humse aap ki khata hai dil me basi hai ek pyari si tasvir apki jis neechy

If love & friendship could be brought or sold as if they were
Stocks & Shares those wise enough to invest in you SEXY would all
be millionaires!!!
A little kid asks his Dad, "Daddy, how much does it cost to
get married?"
"No idea," replied the Father, "I"m still paying for it..."
LuV is an illusion!

Its a highly dependency disorder

of weak hearted ppl..







Ppl wid strong hearts

believe in FLIRTING

Do u know how to entertain Foolish/Stupid peoples
I don’t flirt for fun

Its one of my duties

Tell me How can I resist such beauties

It is life with whom

I like flirting with the most

I am still not committed though I have fallen for the trap almost
Ist Hour:Sorry
2nd Hour:Sorry Plz
3rd Hour:Just Talk 2 Me Once Dear
4th Hour:Plz Listen Jan
…5th Hour:Plz Itna Naraz Maat Ho
6th Hour:Im Sorry I Will Die Agar Tumne Baat Nahi Ki.
7th Hour:Huh !!!! Dnt Talk To Me Again :@
Girl:Sorry DEAR I Was Out Of Credit =P
Boy:Ooh..Its Ok LOVE U Jan =D''