Happy Wedding Anniversary

Happy Wedding Anniversary
Best wishes to you both on your anniversary,
May the love that u share Last your lifetime through,
As u make a wonderful pair.
Happy Wedding Anniversary

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Story Of Newton's Law:

A Cow Was Walking
Newton Stopped It.
It Stopped
He Found His 1st Law

He Gave A FORCE By Kicking
d Cow,
It Gave A Sound 'MA'
He Formulated d 2nd Law
"F = MA"

After Sometimes d Cow Gave
A Kick To Newton
Then He Formulated d 3rd law
Happy Anniversary
And May
Your Marriage Be Blessed With Love,
Joy And Companionship
For All The Years Of Your Lives!
"Ego" is the only requirement to destroy any relation...So be the bigger person , skip the "e" and let it "go' :)
I'm sending this bouquet of love To say that I love you so much I hope I say it often enough I want you to know it's true,On this special occasion I want to remind you That you are my everything And my love is true,Happy Anniversary Lover!
Nothing in this world Could ever be As wonderful as the love You've given me Your love makes my days so very bright, just knowing you're my darling wife (Husband). Happy Anniversary
A paper cut and lemon juice, pizza and heartburn, you and me, are just a few things that aren’t supposed to go together but usually end up that way. Happy Anniversary!’
Teacher: hamein garibon ke Sath Pyar se pesh aana chaiye
Student:Ab Mein Samjha Ki papa Aksar Naukrani ko gale Q lagte hai
My Parents Say I Spend To Much Time On Facebook And Should Go Outside .
Thank God For Laptops And Wifi.
Two Guys Are Chatting..

Guy A: “I’m Going To Bring My Wife To Australia For Our 20th Anniversary.”

Guy B: “Oh.. That’s Cool. What About Ur 25th Anniversary?”

Guy A: “I Will Go Back To Australia To Bring Her Back.” :)Two Guys Are Chatting..
hay baad-e-marg bhi yaaro wohi tafreeq ka aalam...

na qabrein aik jaisi hain,na katbay aik jaisay hain...!
William Shakespeare says...

Marriage is the Only War...

In which Both the Enemies Sleep
Together :):):)
I LOVE U are words just three,
which mean so much on our ANNIVERSARY.
so this is what i want to say,
live in my heart n there 4 ever stay!