If u hav someone to live for

If u hav someone to live for
A house is built by hands..
but a home is built by hearts !
u can live without something..
if u hav someone to live for !

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one of the sadest fact of life
"its tough when someone special in your life starts to ignore you..but its even tougher to pretend that u dont mind.."
I"Ll Always Remember The Day I Married You, Without You My Love, My Beauty, I Don"T Know What I"D Do Your Loving And Thoughtful ,Just To Mention Two, I Adore Your Sweet Smile It Makes Me Want You.Happy Anniversary.-
If I Met You On Tomorrow I Would Still Give

You My Heart If You Should Say,

"Do You Still Love Me?" I"D Say,

"Till Death Do Us Part"

Happy Anniversary
Usey Mein Yaad Aata Hoon Magar Fursat Ke Lamhon Mein

Magar Yeh Baat Bhi Such Hai Usey Fursat Nahin Milti...
Happy Anniversary And May Your Marriage Be
Blessed With Love,

Joy And Companionship For All The Years Of

Your Lives!
Salam To All Readers...!!!

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Thank you for being a great dad to us!
Your memories will always live in the very core of my heart.
I miss you Daddy…
Happy Father’s day!
A paper cut and lemon juice, pizza and heartburn, you and me, are just a few things that aren’t supposed to go together but usually end up that way. Happy Anniversary!’
Best Wishes To You Both On Ur Anniversary
'Best Wishes To You Both On Ur Anniversary,

May The Love That You Share Last Your Lifetime Through,

As You Make A Wonderful Pair.

Happy Wedding'
Marriage Is That Relation Between Man And Women In Which Tha Independence Is Equal, The Dependence Mutual And Tha Obligation Reciprocal". Best Wishes For Happy Wedding Anniversary.
Marriage is that relation between
man and women in which
the Independence is Equal,
the Dependence mutual and
the Obligation Reciprocal”.
Best wishes for Happy Wedding Anniversary.
Bells are ringing the wishes of christmas day the
flying snowflakes send my most sincere blessings to you
merry christmas.