I Wish U De Best Anniversary

I Wish U De Best Anniversary
I wish U the Best Anniversary A Man Could Wish His Wife.

My love throughout the years we have had Our ups nd
downs but we stood by each other no matter what happened
we maintained this love so on our Anniversary of 2years I Just
wanna say this thank U
I will always love you for what you have done for me
you were and still are my light and shine in my world.
I'M proud of you love keep It Up.

Remember This When Things Get Rough And Tough.

I Love You.

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Nothing in this world Could ever be As wonderful as the love You have given me
Your love makes my days so very bright,
just knowing youre my darling wife.
What begins with T, ends with T, and has T in it?
wo mujhe yaad kr k sota hy.....

aus ko lgta hy khud se dr kitna...!
Bhikari: Baboo 10 Rs. ka sawal hai, chaay (Tea) peenee hai.

Aadmee: Lykin chaay tu 05 Rs. ki aati hai.

Bhikari (sharmatay hoay): Woh meri girl friend bhi saath hai.
A paper cut and lemon juice, pizza and heartburn, you and me, are just a few things that aren’t supposed to go together but usually end up that way. Happy Anniversary!’
I LOVE U are words just three,
which mean so much on our ANNIVERSARY.
so this is what i want to say,
live in my heart n there 4 ever stay!
Your love makes my days Happy and bright, Into my world you
Brought pure delight Joy beyond reason You"ve given me,
Our love is true This I can see.Happy Anniversary
hr bichra howa panchi isi umeed pe aagaz-e-subah krta hy"mohsin"

k qismt mila dy gi ham-nsheen sy mujh ko groob-e-aftab sy pehly..!
Happy Anniversary
and May
your marriage be Blessed with love,
joy And companionship
For all the years of your lives!
apny aamaal par parrti hy nazar,to lara uth''ta hun,

phir sochta hoon k tera ik naam"REHMAN"Bhi to hy.
On this anniversary, I take this opportunity
to thank you from the bottom of my heart for
being my partner, spouse, lover and friend!
Happy Wedding Anniversary!
Nothing in this world could ever be as wonderful as the love you have given me
Your love makes my life so bright
Just knowing you are
My darling my sweetheart ur sweety ur wife
Happy Anniversary