Hum Apne aap Per Garoor nahi karte.

Hum Apne aap Per Garoor nahi karte.
Hum Apne aap Per Garoor nahi karte.
Kisi ko pyar karne pe majboor nahi karte.

Magar jise aik baar dil main basa lain.
Phir marte dam tak ussy dil se dour nahi karte.

Nov, 25 2013     167 chars (2 sms)     948 views       Anniversary

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Hoping that the love u shared years ago
Is still as strong today as it was
then Bringing u much joy , love
and happiness To celebrate again.
Happy Anniversary
If I Met You On Tomorrow I Would Still Give

You My Heart If You Should Say,

"Do You Still Love Me?" I"D Say,

"Till Death Do Us Part"

Happy Anniversary
HOW true MY felling were i found out to be the best thing in my life was when you married me thank you my loving wife for the years we share i know one thing for sure we make a wonderfull pair
On this special day,
best wishes go to you,
that this wonderful love u share,
lasts ur lifetime through.
Happy anniversary to you
We''ve Had Our Ups And Downs,This We Both Know,

Through It All Our Love Still Managed To Grow
Different Thoughts We Had About Many Things,

But Our Love For Each Other,

Had No Attached Strings.
I LOVE U are words just three, which mean so much on our ANNIVERSARY. so this is what i want to say, live in my heart n there 4 ever stay!
Nothing in this world Could ever be
As wonderful as the Love You've given me
Your love makes my days so very bright,
Just knowing you're my darling wife(Husband).
Happy Anniversary
To The Beautiful Couple In All The Land,
May Your Anniversary Be Happy And Grand.
Happy Anniversary
Bhikari: Baboo 10 Rs. ka sawal hai, chaay (Tea) peenee hai.

Aadmee: Lykin chaay tu 05 Rs. ki aati hai.

Bhikari (sharmatay hoay): Woh meri girl friend bhi saath hai.
I"Ll Always Remember The Day I Married You, Without You My Love, My Beauty, I Don"T Know What I"D Do Your Loving And Thoughtful ,Just To Mention Two, I Adore Your Sweet Smile It Makes Me Want You.Happy Anniversary.-
chooha Billi Se Darta Hai

Billi Kuttay Se Datrteee Hai

Kutta Aadmee Se Darta Hai

Biwi Se Darta Hai

Biwi Choohay Se Dartee Hai

Hai Na Dunya Gol !!!!
Long After Our Anniversary And This

Greeting Has Been Thrown Away Think

Of The Thought Behind It,Each And Everyday,

Happy Anniversary Lover!