bill dadi dain gi

bill dadi dain gi
Girl: Is dress ka kya price hai?
Shopkeeper: Sirf 5 kiss.
Girl: Aur us dress ka?
Shopkeeper: 10 kiss.
Girl: Dono dress pack kar do, bill daadi dengi

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LuV is an illusion!

Its a highly dependency disorder

of weak hearted ppl..







Ppl wid strong hearts

believe in FLIRTING

I don’t flirt for fun

Its one of my duties

Tell me How can I resist such beauties

It is life with whom

I like flirting with the most

I am still not committed though I have fallen for the trap almost
Whn u r alone,
Whn u r crying,
whn u r upset,
Don"t think of me!!
just call me
is free for me... my friend
Excuse me, do u have a Band-Aid?
I skinned my knee when I fell for you.
Little keys can open big locks,
simple words can express great thoughts.
A text from u never fails to make me smile the whole day through.
Only the open heart receives love,
only the open mind receives wisdom,
only the open hand receives gifts and
only the cute persons receive SMS from me!
Ist Hour:Sorry
2nd Hour:Sorry Plz
3rd Hour:Just Talk 2 Me Once Dear
4th Hour:Plz Listen Jan
…5th Hour:Plz Itna Naraz Maat Ho
6th Hour:Im Sorry I Will Die Agar Tumne Baat Nahi Ki.
7th Hour:Huh !!!! Dnt Talk To Me Again :@
Girl:Sorry DEAR I Was Out Of Credit =P
Boy:Ooh..Its Ok LOVE U Jan =D''
Hello!! What"s wrong with your mobile?
Tried so many times but Every time I call it says:
The subscriber your are trying to reach is in your heart!
Baton baton main bicharney ka ishara ker k.Khud bhi roya wo bohat,hum say kinara kar key.
Tere hathon mitran ne hona ae katal,
Munde tainu kehnde baaran bor di rafal,
Asin wekhnae khud nu tabah karke,
Aaja waj ja bandook diye goliyee ni seene vich tha karke..!!
I have had a really bad day and it always makes me feel better to
see a pretty girl smile. So, would you smile for me?
Why do U think I SMS u ?
Is it because I care ? Or I miss u ?
Or I love u ? Or I need You ? No ! It's b'coz...
I need a person for just time pass