Even Without

Even Without
Even without seeing u, even without smiling with u, even without joking with u, i vl never fail 2 remember u, coz u r the one i miss

Aug, 07 2013     132 chars (1 sms)     804 views       Miss You

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Milne ki tamanna lekar aaya hai SMS,
Chehre pe smile ki tamanna lekar aaya hai SMS,
Bhule nahi aap hame Aye dost,
ye yaad dilane aaya hai ye SMS
when i close my eyes before sleeping i watch u in the dark, When im sleeping i watch u in my dreams, When i open my eyes i found u before my eyes..And then I start Missing u for all the Day...
When I open my eyes
to see the sun rise
I think of you.

When I hear a robin sing
on the first day of spring
I think of you.

When I see a red rose
on the bush where it grows
I think of you.

When I feel the summer heat
on the sand beneath my feet
I think of you.

When I sit on a beach
another world just out of reach
I think of you.

When I see the colored leaves
fall to the ground from a light breeze
I think of you.

When I look to the night sky
and see the sparkle like in your eyes
I think of you.

When the snow is coming down
to softly blanket the ground
I think of you.

When I go to bed at night
as I turn out the light
I think of you.
I Knew I''d Miss You.

When you care about someone
as much as I do about you,
being apart is a hard thing to get used to.
I thought I''d handle it just fine...
and that I''d be happy just to keep you
on my mind.
But it isn''t always that easy...
Sometimes the one thing that
would please me the most...
is simply seeing you.
I knew that I''d miss you.
I just didn''t know
I''d miss you as much as I do.
I''m Feeling So Lonely,
Like A Ship In The Middle Of Sea;

The Sky Is Weeping, The World Is Quiet.
Everything Looks Fade, Wherever I See;

They Say, Everything Is In Its Place.
Then Why I Feel This Hollow,
Inside Me?

Can''t I Change This Into Happiness?
Can''t I Make This Moment A Fantasy?

Yes Dear, It Is Possible
The Whole World Would Be Different
If You Were Here, With Me.

Missing You!
When the night has come and the land"s dark.
When the moon is the only light.
We"ll see, look at the stars
Can you count them?
I miss you that much.
Door ho gaye par bhulaya nahi hai..
Ehsaash tere hone ka abhi dil se mitaya nahi hai..
Jis din se gaye ho mujhe tanha kar ke..
Teri kasam .. maine theek se muskuraya nahi hai..
Koi Kare Yad To Use Yad Kijiye,

Dilka Paigam De To Kabul Kijiye.

Har Sawal Ka Jawab Jaruri Nahi,

Mgar Hum Aapko Karte Hai Yad

Uska 1 Jawab To Dijiye.
ToO ....
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no Wait!
I wana say somethng thats only 4 you

In the flower my rose is U,
In the diamond my kohinoor is U,
In the sky my moon is U,
I’m only body my heart is U,
That’s why I always miss U.

* DiL *
"*. Ki .*"
"* .*"
awaz me
itna asr Ho Jay,

Hum apko
Ho Jay,

/*I MIS U*