Ab is dil se ye gawara nahi hota,
inBOX main koi SMS tumhara nahi hota,
Bhool ker he sms ker diya kero,
Sirf yaad kerne se guzara nahi hota

Nov, 16 2012     139 chars (1 sms)     1023 views       Miss You

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jab yaad karte hai kisi ko
wo waqt suhana hota hai

uth jati hai kalam likhne ko
wo pyar deewana hota hai

kar deti hai haal-e-dil bayaan
wo kalaam shayraana hota hai

jab yaad karte hai kisi ko
wo waqt suhana hota hai...
Though I don''t write
or call you
as often as I would like to
I spend time every day
thinking about you
Sometimes it is
a memory of something we shared
Other times it is
an incident in my life
that I imagine myself
telling you about
No matter what it is
in my mind
I write and call you every day
and I miss you
Missing You

Is Like Being

Lost In A

Black And White World ....


Seems So

Faded And Lonely ...
Nahi Fursat Yaqeen Mano
Hamein kuch Aur Karney Ki..




Hamein Kasam se Bohat Masroof Rakhtein Hein...!!
a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t v w x y z

Did I Miss something?
No Because “U” r in My “HEART
kBheegi Hoi Ik Shaam Ki Dahleez Per Bathay
Hum Dil Kay Sulag-nay Ka Sabab Soch Rahay Hain
U nvr turned bak..
The day u moved out of my life..
Beatzz seemzz to b heartless..
Ur absence ceases mine EXISTENCE..

Missing U . . . :(

When Nite Turns To A Darken Hue

Da Luvly Stars r Hinting At U

Ur Heart Beats Tells U Something True

That SomeOne SomeWhere Is Missing U
I need some heart attack Missing smses.....

Hey, every single person next to you need Missing You messages,
do post your fav. Missing you Messages
No Life
Without Love,,,
No Answer
Without Question???
No Rain
Without Cloud....
No Friendship
i always thought u bcoz u r so good i always love u bcoz u r so funny ..............but i always remember u bcoz***i ***miss***u
Difficult to tell that what Loving is like. Impossible to tell what Missing is like. May you never Miss whom you Love and May whom you Love Miss you always.!.