Rehtay hain sath sath main or meri tanhayi
kartay hain raz ki battayin main or meri tanhayi
Din to guzar jata hay logoun ki bheer main
karty hain basar rat main or meri tanhayi
Aye na yad kabi tumhain bhool kar be hum
karty hain tumhain yad main or meri tanhayi
Sansoun ka kya brosa kab chour jain sath
magar rahain gay sath sath main or meri tanhayi..

Nov, 16 2012     352 chars (3 sms)     999 views       Miss You

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Dono aankho mein ashq liya karte hain,
Hum apni neend mein tera naam liya karte hain.

Jab bhi aayain Hichkiyaan tumhain,
Samajh lena hum tumhain yaad kiya karte hain…
My Silence doesn't mean I'm gone. My quietness doesn't mean I'm dead. But deep in my heart, anywhere &anytime, u r always remembered,cared, loved & missed.
9 lessons in life:
learn to care
learn to smile
learn to cry
learn to give
learn to forgive
learn to share
learn to trust
learn to love
n learn to say
u miss me
C- Cant live without u
L- Love u
I- I miss u
C- Care for u
K- Kyunki u r a sweet friend of mine.
So whenever u miss me just say "CLICK"
Na rahi aaj wo apni kahani, Na wo hasin din na wo raatein suhani, Phir
bhi hume aziz hai unki har nishaani, Chahe dil ka wo dard ho ya aankho ka
What shall I do with all the days and hours
That must be counted ere I see thy face?
How shall I charm the interval that lowers
Between this time and that sweet time of grace?
Though I don''t write
or call you
as often as I would like to
I spend time every day
thinking about you
Sometimes it is
a memory of something we shared
Other times it is
an incident in my life
that I imagine myself
telling you about
No matter what it is
in my mind
I write and call you every day
and I miss you
U nvr turned bak..
The day u moved out of my life..
Beatzz seemzz to b heartless..
Ur absence ceases mine EXISTENCE..

Missing U . . . :(

* DiL *
"*. Ki .*"
"* .*"
awaz me
itna asr Ho Jay,

Hum apko
Ho Jay,

/*I MIS U*
The purpose of relationship is not to have sum1 who might complete u,
but to have some1 with whom u might share ur incompleteness!
Mizz U!!
Close Your Eyes ....,Relax Your Body....
'n Stop Breathing As Long As You
Now Breath...
I Miss You As Much As You Missed The
Air..! A
In the Flowers, My Rose is You.
In the Diamond, My Kohinoor is You.
In the Sky, My Moon is You.
I am only Body, My Heart is You.
That is why i always Miss You !!