is barish ko dekh kr tumhari yad aa rahi hai

tum pas hote to wiper hi phirwa lete:-))

Mar, 10 2011     90 chars (1 sms)     1126 views       Rainy day

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Wen it rains all d birds fly 4 Shelter.
Bt Eagle Alone Avoids d Rain By Flying Above d Cloud.
Problem is common 2 all But ATTITUDE define ALTITUDE.
When Heart Dances. . .
Mind Gets Rock . . .
Seem EveryThing In The World Happy . . .
Find Ur Lord Is Happy & Giviing U D Gift Of

RaIn FaLl]
'' , '' , '' ,'' , ''
'' , '' , '' , , '' ,
__,____, , , ''
/____ _/ \ .;'';'';.
,l__[]__,l ,,)(,,

Mosam-e-Garma Ki Pehli
Rim Jhim Rim Jhim
Sim Sim Sim Sim
Thandi Thandi
Bhegi Bhegi
Bheni Bheni
Ye Subah
Aap Ko Mubarak Ho.
May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.
A n y o n e
W h o
S a y s
B r i n g s
H a p p i n e s s
H a s
N e v e r
D a n c e d
I n
T h e
R A I N ... (:

ePpIe Mo_On-sO_oN
Maan lo aaj tum hamari ye guzarish,

Dilo''n se mita do aaj saari ranjish,

Jhoom lo, naacho, gaao aur khoob khusiya''n manao,

Isi umeed k saath
Mubarak ho aap ko december ki pehli barish ... =]

Good Evening
Have a nice, fine & chill evening
Barishon k mosam me,
Usay yaad karne ki,
Aadtein purani hain,
Ab ki bar socha tha,
Aadtein badal dalein
Phr khyal aya k,
Aadtein badalne se
Barishein nahi rukti...........
The rain makes all things beautiful, The grass & flowers 2,
If rain makes all things beautiful,
Why doesn?t it rain on you?
Rain Is A Wonderful Oppoutinity
To Pray
To Love
To Care
To Share
To Enjoy
To Thank Allah For All His Blessings We
Wish U
Happy Rainy Season
is barish ko dekh kr tumhari yad aa rahi hai

tum pas hote to wiper hi phirwa lete:-))
Kaisi Beeti Raat Kissi Se Mat Kehna
Sapnon Wali Baat Kissi Se Mat Kehna
Kaisay Uthay Badaal Or Kahan Takray
Kaisi Hui Barsaat Kissi Se Mat Kehna
If I could pull down the rainbow I would write UR name with it & put it back in the sky 2 let everybody know how colourful my life is with a friend like U!!