Friendship never

Friendship never

Friendship never speaks volumes, it never demands proof,
it never has a happy ending too simply coz it doesn"t
end as long as friends r true, just like U!

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Submitted By Humayun From Multan ( 03216307893 )

Jun, 17 2010     290 chars (2 sms)     783 views       Rainy day

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May you always have work for your hands to do.
May your pockets hold always a coin or two.
May the sun shine bright on your windowpane.
May the rainbow be certain to follow each rain.
May the hand of a friend always be near you.
And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you
Kaisi Beeti Raat Kissi Se Mat Kehna
Sapnon Wali Baat Kissi Se Mat Kehna
Kaisay Uthay Badaal Or Kahan Takray
Kaisi Hui Barsaat Kissi Se Mat Kehna
If I could pull down the rainbow I would write UR name with it & put it back in the sky 2 let everybody know how colourful my life is with a friend like U!!
Itni Shidat Se To Barsaat Be Kam Kam Barsay
Jis Traha Ankh Teri Yaad Main Cham Cham Barsay
Minatien Kon Kary Aik Gharondy Ke Lye
Kah Do Baadal Se Barasta Hai To Jam Jam Barsay
~ Tum Bin ~
Barish ke paani ko apne haathon mein samet lo.
Jitna aap samet paaye utna aap humein chahte hai.
Aur jitna na samet paye utna hum aap ko chahte hai.
Aik couple kahin ja raha hota hay,
k police unhain rook laiti hay and
larkay say pochti hay k tumhara apas main kia rishta hay ?

Larka jawab daita hay,
“iska mamon meray mamon ko mamoon kehta hai”

batain,larkay ka larki say kia rishta howa?

Answer Received = Maamu & Bhanji
Lutf-e-Mohabbat aur b barha deti hein,

Bohat anmol hoti hein barishein sanwan ki..!!
, / '' / , / '' / , / ,, HaPpY , / , / , / /
/ , / ''/ , / , RaInY/ / / ''/ , / DAy , / '' / . /
/ enjoy weather...
barsaat main jab
barish hoti thi
hum park main betha karty thy
barish main bheega karty thy
waisa he barsaat ka din hi
park ke binch pe
tanha betha bheeg raha hon
jin main hum tum sang bheegy thy
un lamhon ko sochraha raha hon
Glory of the day, soundless and restrain
With dark clouds, and blessings of rains..

Clouds on way, the splashing of drops,
Cheers of birds, whispers of waves with fame…

Now soothing of rain, with rainbow’s name,
Praising in a way, this is blessed in all ways.

Aaj to bohot khush hoongay aap?
Kiyon k, barish jo ho rahi hai
aur barish main to
sab hi maindak khush hotay hain
Wen it rains all d birds fly 4 Shelter.
Bt Eagle Alone Avoids d Rain By Flying Above d Cloud.
Problem is common 2 all But ATTITUDE define ALTITUDE.