2000 Mai Lipstick

2000 Mai Lipstick
2000 Mai Lipstick Kitnee Sastii Hotii Thiii :)

But Aj Tu Sab Se Farighh Brand Bhi Mehnga Ha :(

Jeeenay Doo Mushii

Jun, 16 2010     120 chars (1 sms)     1321 views       Geo Or Jeenay Do

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Ek Chotta Sa Afsaana

Zindagi Me Pheli Bar 31 May Ko Main Ne Apni Pyari Si

Girlfriend K Sath Date Pe Janay Ka Socha,Zehar Khanay Ki Dhamki Pe Ussay Razi Kya 0r Theek 12:00

Baje Ka Time Diya But Meri Bad-Qismati Dekho Poray Pakistan Me

31 May Ko 12:00 He Nhi Baje Aaah!

Jeeney Do

7 Saal Pehlay Meri Girl Friend K Saray Bhai Kam Per Jatay Thay , Aj Saale Ghar Me Bethay Hain Aur Date Marna Mission Impossible Ho Gya Ha ..

We dont want American Rental Power we want Electricity.

IN PAKISTAN electricity now rs. 7 per unit nd it wil b increasing after every 2 months regarding to AMERICAN IMF Polices.
IRAN is agree to give da electricity on urgent base to PAKISTAN on very cheap rates (1.18 per unit)
also CHINA ofers PAKISTAN for Flectricity just 300 rupes monthly bill& unlimited usage of electricity but our govt. is not taking seriously.

Now this is our time to show da govt. our strength.
Spread dis msg as much as u can bcoz of this msg many people know about da truth of govt.
expensive polices..
Our govt. is corrupt.
If you Built an Army of 100 Lions and
Their Leader is a Dog,

The Lions Will Die Like Dogs.

But If you built an Army of 100 Dogs and
Their Leader is a Lion,

All Dogs will Fight Like Lion.

Leadership Matters...

A Silent Msg for All Pakistanis.
General presidents Of Pakistan

Sikandar Mirza Died At The Age Of 65

Ayub Died At 65

Yahya Died At 65

Zia Died At 65

Musharraf Is Gonna B 65 In 2008

Hope For The Best ...
A Man Touched An Electric Current Wire & Was About To Die.,
Suddenly Lights Went Off..
& He Was Safe..
He Danced In Joy & Shouted..

Pehle Bacho''n Ko Daily School Jana Parta Tha

Lekin Ab KhudKash Dhamake Aur Leaderz Ki Amwaat Ki Waja Se

School Band Rehte Hyn . . .

Farq Tou Para Hy

Bache Bache Ka Naara

"Geo Musharaf" ;->
2000 Mai Lipstick Kitnee Sastii Hotii Thiii :)

But Aj Tu Sab Se Farighh Brand Bhi Mehnga Ha :(

Jeeenay Doo Mushii
The people of Poland are observing
a 7-day mourning for the tragic
death of their President.

May ALLAH bless us with the same opportunity.
Aameen... ;->
Kehty hai agar kisi mulk ki awam

Imaandar Ho,
Zaheen Ho.


Us mulk ka sadar or Vazeer-e-aazam bhi wesa hota hai,

Agar awam be-waqoof ho to,

Hukomat Us Awam ki bewakoofi se faida uthati hai,

Kya Hum Be-Waqoof Hai?
Aaj Se 15 Saal Pehle Sirf Ameer Log Hi Candle Light Diner Karte That .....

Magar Aj Har Koi Candel Light Diner Karrta Hai ( Due To Loud Shading )

Pakistan Ek Aisa Mulk Hy

Jis K Logn Har Ghante K Baad Khush Hote Hyn

Pata Hy Kab








"Jab Light Aati Hy" ;->

"Geo Musharraf"