Are you hungry

Are you hungry
Are you hungry? Neva mind I have two bowls, 1 for wishes
and 1 for luck. Wishes are mine and luck is yours. you can
take it or leave it, choice is yours.

Jun, 16 2010     156 chars (1 sms)     1046 views       Geo Or Jeenay Do

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Musharraf Is Good For Economy . . .

He Has Silver In His Hair

Gold In His Teeth

Stones In His Kidney

Steel In His Knees

Sugar In His Blood


Gas In His A** . . .
Pakistan Ek Aisa Mulk Hy

Jis K Logn Har Ghante K Baad Khush Hote Hyn

Pata Hy Kab








"Jab Light Aati Hy" ;->

"Geo Musharraf"
Sindhi Topi Aur Ajrak Ki Shandaar Kamiyaabi
K Baad.
Ab Paish Hai.
Sindhi Underwear.
A Product of Qaim Ali Shah. :-)
Jala daali zaalimo ne meri dukan,
Es se to acha tha jala dete mujh samait mera makaan.

Ab kahan se kama k khilaounga apne gharane ko,
Jab ghar main hi nahi hoga raashan o samaan.

Mera qasoor kya tha aey zalim jalane wale,
Na main hamla awar tha na wo mera mehman.

Meri zindagi bhar ki kamaai aik pal main jal gai,
Aur tum kehte ho sabar kr.. na ho halkaan?

(Dedicated to those 5000 karachi shopkeepers whose shops burned out last nite...
Pehle Bacho''n Ko Daily School Jana Parta Tha

Lekin Ab KhudKash Dhamake Aur Leaderz Ki Amwaat Ki Waja Se

School Band Rehte Hyn . . .

Farq Tou Para Hy

Bache Bache Ka Naara

"Geo Musharaf" ;->
Latest News On GeO. . .

"Mushta''el Afraad Ne Karachi Main . . .

Samandar Main Aag Laga Di "

GeO Ab Lambi Lambi Chorh Kr GeO . . . ;->
yeh kaisee hai hawa chali k manzil lagti door hai,
kapdey, makaan kee baat naa poochoo roti b ab to door hai,

"kaun kheil raha hai kheil sarey" kaun yahan bai noor hai,
Lao inqlab Pakistanio k yahan yehi behtar dastoor hai
Just Imagine

Sara Palin Divorce Hr Current Hubby & Get Marriage With Zardari.

Palin Becomes Vice President Of USA
Then Zardari Kills Palin & Change The Will & Which Says:

"Zardari Will Become The Next President Of USA After My Death"

And Eventually Zardari Becomes President Of US.

After 6 Months Of Palin''s Death:
Bilawal Changes His Name To
"Bilawal Bhutto Palin Zardari"
Then US Will Be Ours. :-)

Geo Zardari.
Pehle Pakistan Ki Abaadi Khatarnak Hadh Se Tajawuz Kr Rahi Thi

Lekin Ab Khudkush Bum Dhamakon Ki Waja Se Kafi Control Main Hy . . .

Farq Tou Para Hai . . .
We dont want American Rental Power we want Electricity.

IN PAKISTAN electricity now rs. 7 per unit nd it wil b increasing after every 2 months regarding to AMERICAN IMF Polices.
IRAN is agree to give da electricity on urgent base to PAKISTAN on very cheap rates (1.18 per unit)
also CHINA ofers PAKISTAN for Flectricity just 300 rupes monthly bill& unlimited usage of electricity but our govt. is not taking seriously.

Now this is our time to show da govt. our strength.
Spread dis msg as much as u can bcoz of this msg many people know about da truth of govt.
expensive polices..
Our govt. is corrupt.
A Man Touched An Electric Current Wire & Was About To Die.,
Suddenly Lights Went Off..
& He Was Safe..
He Danced In Joy & Shouted..

A man dies and goes to heaven.
There he sees a large wall of clocks.
He asks angel what are these for?
Angel answers those r lie clocks, every person has lie clocks!
every time u lie hands on clock move.
man asks whose clock is dat?
that is Mohamad bin qasims.
Hands have never moved indicating he never lied.
Where is Zardari''s clock? asked da man.
Angel: It is in our office,
we use it as ceiling fan... =P ;->