I Wanted A Perfect

I Wanted A Perfect
I Wanted A Perfect Ending
No I Have Learnt The Hard Way

Some Poems Don’t Have Rhyme
Some Stories Don’t Have A Clear
Begininig, Middle Or An Ending

Life Is About, Not Knowing, Having To Change
Taking The Moment & Making The Best Of It
WithOut Knowing What’s Going To Happen Next . . .

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The worst thing in life is attachment,it hurts when u loOse it . . .

The best thing in life is lonliness because it teaches u everything and when u loOse it u get everything!!!
M o n e y
D o e s
N o t
S p e a k
B u t
I t s
A b s e n c e
S c r e a m s . . . =P ;)
Quality Is Never An Accident. . . It Is Always The Result Of High Intention, Sincere Effort, Intelligent Direction And Skillful Execution. . . It Represents The Wise Choice Of Many Alternatives. . .
Life Laughs at u whn ur unhappy

Life smiles at u whn ur happy...,


life Salutes u whn u make others happy...!!!

Is D Enemy Of Efficiency,


Is The Enemy Of Utilisation.

So Don''t Delay Anything &
Don''t Wait 4 Anything

-Bill Gates
If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought. Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in life has a purpose.
They Do Tomorrow''s Work Today...

They Do
Today''s Work Today...

Failures:They Do Yesterday''s Work Today-

Most Superior example of love in My life .

"When apples are 4 & we are 5
Then my mother
Says, "i dont like apples."

(Bu Ali Seena)
Ishk qatil Se B,
Mqtool Se Hmdrdi B

Bta Kis Se Muhabat Ki Jaza Mange Ga?

Sajda Khaliq Ko B,
Iblees Se Yarana B,

Hashr Me Kis Se Aqidat Ka Sila Mange Ga....??
You Get The Best Out Of Others


You Give The Best Of Yourself
"E" is the most unfortunate character in the alphabet.

It is always out of "cash", forever in "debt",

never out of "danger" and in "hell" all the time.

But notice that "e" is never in "war" and always in "peace."

It''s the beginning of "existence" and the end of "trouble."

Without "e", we would have no "love", "life" or "heaven."

Go E!
Don''t see back when you are moving to success.

But don''t forget to look back after achieving success