I Wanted A Perfect

I Wanted A Perfect
I Wanted A Perfect Ending
No I Have Learnt The Hard Way

Some Poems Don’t Have Rhyme
Some Stories Don’t Have A Clear
Begininig, Middle Or An Ending

Life Is About, Not Knowing, Having To Change
Taking The Moment & Making The Best Of It
WithOut Knowing What’s Going To Happen Next . . .

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HaPpInEsS iS tO

sEe tHe WoRld iN a GrAiN oF sAnD


HeAvEn in WiLd FlOwEr

To HoLd InFiNiTy In ThE PaLm Of ur hAnD


EteRniTy in a SiNgLe hoUr ... [:
Nothin Is Worth More han This Day
U Can''t Relive Yesterday . .
Tommorow Is Still Beyond Ur Reach . . .
So Go Ahead Live Today . . B''coz It''ll Never Come Tommorow. .
''Agar Tum Apny''TAKKABUR''

ko Torna Chahtay Ho
KiSi Ghareeb Aur MufliS ko Salaam karo,
Puri Tawajoh k Sath, US Se
MuSafah KARO...
I''m Afraid Sometimes
You''ll Play Lonely Games Too,
Games You Can''t Win
Because You''ll Play Against You.
Real person are not those,

who are always around you,

when everything is almost perfect.


They are the ones

who dig deep into the ground

when you''re down just to put you up and say,

"Everything''s gonna be alright."
There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave.

The one you practiced,
the one you gave,
and the one you wish you gave.
"Aim for the stars; that way the lowest thing you

can hit is the moon."..that''s the imporatance of dreaming big!!
There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them
In The Long Run You Hit Only What You Aim At


Though You Should Fail Immidiately

You Better Aim At Something Really High

A ChaMpIon Is SoMeOnE

WhO GoEs So FaR

ThEy CaN''T Go AnOtHeR iNcH


ThEn ThEy gO tHaT InCh . . .
YoUr VisIoN
WiLl bEcOmE cLeaR oNlY
yOu cAn LoOk iNtO
yOuR OwN hEaRt .
WhO lOoKs oUtsIdE,
wHo LoOkS iNsIdE
aWaKeNs ...
khudi pe naaz ha itna kbhi mur k nahin dekha jisy keh dun tu mera ha usy hona bhi parta ha