The Rain Falls Because

The Rain Falls Because
The Rain Falls Because The Sky

Can No Longer Handle Its Heaviness,

Just Like The Tears,

It Falls Because The

Heart Can No

Longer Handle The Pain

Jun, 08 2010     160 chars (1 sms)     817 views       Rainy day

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When Heart Dances. . .
Mind Gets Rock . . .
Seem EveryThing In The World Happy . . .
Find Ur Lord Is Happy & Giviing U D Gift Of

RaIn FaLl]
Wen it rains all d birds fly 4 Shelter.
Bt Eagle Alone Avoids d Rain By Flying Above d Cloud.
Problem is common 2 all But ATTITUDE define ALTITUDE.
Kal halki halki barish thi,
kal sard hawa ka raqs bhi tha,
Kal phool bhi nikhray nikhray the,
Kal un main app ka aqs bhi tha,
kal badal gehray kaale the,
Kal chand pe laakhon pehre the..
Kuch tukry app ki yaadon ke,
Bari dair se dil main thehre the..
Kal yaadien uljhi uljhi thien,
Aur kal tak yeh na suljhi thien..
Kal yaad buhat tum aye the…..
Kal yaad buhat tum aye the…..
Kaisi Beeti Raat Kissi Se Mat Kehna
Sapnon Wali Baat Kissi Se Mat Kehna
Kaisay Uthay Badaal Or Kahan Takray
Kaisi Hui Barsaat Kissi Se Mat Kehna
After a shower of rain,
a piece of luminous sunshine decorates
the earth wonderfully...
One drop of dew on the grass and
a foggy morning gives 2urge 2live...
But a illusive smile from u increase vitality of someone...
So keep smiling..........
It must have been a rainy day when you were born, but it wasn''t really rain, the sky was crying because it lost his most beautifull angel...
HaPpY RaIn DaY . . . :->
Shaid Koi Khuhish Roti Rehti Hai.....

Meray Andar Barish Hoti Rehti Hai

Friendship never speaks volumes, it never demands proof,
it never has a happy ending too simply coz it doesn"t
end as long as friends r true, just like U!

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Submitted By Humayun From Multan ( 03216307893 )
in barisho se doosti achi nahi fraz kucha tera makaan hai kuch to khyal kar
Wo Yaad Bhi Ab k Aaya Hy Aur Jaag Uthi Hy Khwaish Bhi

Taaza Dard Aur Sard Hawa Hy Aur Saal Ki Pehli Baarish Bhi

Happy Rain ... ! ! !
barish ki tara tuj pe barasti rahyn khuushian
har boond tery dil sy har gham ko mita dey
happt raini day.?
Every raindrop wud be one of ur smile,

I wish that it rains heavily through out.

So that there is no space for tears in ur life.