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Doctor: Bachey ko paani
dene se pehle boil ker
lena chahiye ...

Sardar: Lekin Janab
Boil krne se bacha
marr tou nahi jaye
ga... ??? ;->
Sardar G Dukandar Se.

1 Asli 7up Do. 7up Peeney K Baad,
Sardar G Ne 6 Dakar Mare Aur 1 Paad Mara.

Dukandar Se Bola,
Yeh Naqli Hy,
7up Nhe,
1 Down Hy =P ;->
Judge: why r u arrested?

Sardar: for shopping early?

Judge: well, thats not a crime, anyway how early u shopping?

Sardar: before opening the
shop..... =P ;->
Teacher: How Do You Differentiate

Before Marriage We Sleep With "MOTHER"
After Marriage
We Sleep With
Ek Sardar 2 A Man :
Yaar Musibat K Waqt
Gadhey Ko Bhi Baap
Banana Parta Hy ...

Man :
Wah Yaar Bari
Himmat Hy
Jo Teri Amma Maan
Bhi Jati Hy ... ;->
Man sees Sardar-G
standing in d midle of
a huge feild of grass
& notices, He is jst
standing dere,doing
nothing, luking @
Man asks: Sardar-G
wh8 r U doing ?
Sardar-G: Em trying 2
win a noble prize
Man: How?
Sardar-G: Well I heard
they give d noble prize
2 ppl who r
outstanding in their
feild.. ;->
Sardar Found A Monkey And Took It To Police Station.
Inspector: Isay Zoo Le Jao

Next Day He Sees The Sardar With The Monkey At A Bus Stop
Inspector: Me Ne Kaha Tha Isay Zoo Lejao Phir Tum Isay Sath Leay Q Ghoom Rhy Ho??

Sardar: Kal May Isay Le K Zoo Gya Tha
Bara Maza Aya
Aj Film Dikhany Leja Rha Hon...
Jageer Daar 1 Sardar Se: Agr Main Subah
Apni Car Me Niklun To Shaam
Tak Main Apni Aadhi Zameen
B Nahi Dekh Sakta.

Sardar: Hamare Pas B Pehle Aisi Hi Car Thi ;->
Teacher - How Do
You Spell "Wrong" ?

Santa - "R-O-N-G"

Teacher - That''s
Wrong !!

Santa - That''s What
You Asked, Isn''t It ... ? ;->
Sardar To His Friend -
I Keep Seeing Spots In
Front Of My Eyes

Friend -
Have You Seen
Doctor ?

Sardar -
No , Just Spots ... ;->
A man jumped into
sea and never came
out, 2nd man jumped
into sea the day after
& he also never come
Sardar was watching
diz whole scene frm a
He concluded a result
frm hi observation

"Human Being Is
Soluble In Water" ;->
Judge: Y U''ve Stolen
Money 4rm Dis Man?
Sardar: My Lord I''ve Nt
Stolen Money. He Jst
Gave It 2 Me
Judge: Whn He Gave U
Sardar: Whn I Showd
Him Gun ;->