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I duN wAnt a relationship iN which people say "how they r cute"
I want a relationshp in which people say "how they look happy wdh each other" ?
tum ne tu phir bhi sikh lia dunya ka chaal chalan...
hum tu kch bhi na kar saky tujh se muhbat k siwaaa...!!
Ebtida.e.ishq se takmeel.e.zindgi tak....

Tumhe chaha,
Tumhe chaha,
Aur sirf tumhe chahen gay...!!!
Everyone Tells Me That I deserve Better
I dnt want better
*? Because I Love You ?*

I give you whole of my Love
Because I want that
Your heart is full of Love
I give you whole of my strength
Because I want that
You go on the height of your proud
I give you whole of favors
Because I want that
You perform every work smoothly
I give you whole of my time
Because I want that
You don’t think you are alone
Because I Love you a lot.
Mukhtasir ye k achy lgty hoO

Chahny ka sabab aur kuch bhi nhi......
If you never follow your heart you will never be happy but if you always follow your heart you will always get hurt...
Kyun yaad tum itna aate ho…?
Kyun hum ko tum tarpaate ho…?
Gum sum gum sum hain aaj sahar se hum…
Kyun itna hamain sataate ho…?
Aadi hogaye hain us sitam ke hum…
Jo aadatan humpe dhaate ho.
Tumhain khayaalon se gar nikaal bhi dain…
To khwaabon main aa jaate ho.
Hum lab se nahin karte izhaar-e-mohabb at…
Tum aankhain hii nahin parh paate ho………..
Ur there but not really.
Ur mine but not really..
I never really had u, so I never really lost u..

I have u,u have me but then again,not really
U give my life meaning and make me whole. I 4get my troubles with just a smile and a hug. Ur the most amazing person i know. i thank god that i have u! <3
when u find the perfect person who loves u for who u r hold on to them and never let them go for they r there for u and not to bring u down
True love is not measured in hugs and kisses, but in struggles and fears, and those who can work though those...they possess true love