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When you are in light, everything will follow you......
But when you enter dark, Even your shadow will not follow you......

BeIng Urself . . . Stop Relying Others

R D Light & Shade Of Life

WithOut Light & Shade

No Picture Is Clear
Life is a paradox whatever you want - you dont get,
Whatever you get - you don''t enjoy,
Whatever you enjoy - is not permanent and
Whatever is permanent - is boring
Success will never lower its standard 2 accomdate us,
we have to raise our standard to achieve it.
"for every bird god provides Food, But not their Nest"
Golden Words

When You Are in Light,
Everything Will Follow U.
When U Enter In Dark,
Even Ur Own shadow will Not Follow You.
Thats Life

These Are The Elements Of The (F-A-I-L-U-R-E) Mechanism.

These are the enemy.
Crow sitting on a tree doing nothing.Rabit thought to do the same and sat on ground.
A wolf came and ate it.

MORAL: to sit and do nothing, u need to be be on Top.
Let Ur Heart Be Ur Compass

Ur Mind Ur Map

Ur Soul Ur Guide


U Will Never Get Lost
It has been said that we need
just three things in life:
Something to do.
Something to look forward to.
And someone to love..."
If victory is certain then even a coward can fight,

But the real brave is the one who still dares

to fight when his defeat is certain.
It is not true that people stop pursuing
dreams because they grow old, they grow old
because they stop pursuing dreams.
Men () you built the hydrogen bomb. Men () you thought it up.

You think you''re so creative. You don''t know what it''s like to really create something;

to create a life; to feel it growing inside
you. All you know how to create is death...