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Through my eyes.

I read between the lines.Look past the truth and into the lies.

As the world keeps turning I keep on learning .

How to get through life without crashing and burning !!
The Single finger

which wipes out our tears

during our FAILURES

is much better than the 10 fingers

which come 2gether

to clap for our VICTORY.

Value it
Expect more from yourself than from

others because expectation from others hurts a lot

while expectation from yourself inspires a lot
Kill the stress before it kills you.

Reach the goal before it kicks you.

Help everyone before someone helps you.

Live life before life leaves you.
If an egg is broken from outside , a life comes to an end
when the egg breaks from within , a life is born
Great n good things need to happen from within...!
One day u wil ask me wat i Luv more...
You or My Life,and wen I wil say My Life..
you wil walk away from me without.
knowing...that ur MY LIFE....!
Never despise life''s fiery trials.
They are God''s ways of bringing out the best in you.

Always remember, you are like a Diamond.
And more a diamond is cut, the more it sparkles.
KhaLiL JibRan Says : " Dukh iS Baat Ka Nahi K Jo Usnay Kaha Woh Tlakh Tha,
Dukh iS Baat Ka Hai Jo Tlakh Tha Woh Usnay kaha " :-<

Na Kar JAn|x . . . ;->
Challanges are like Trees seen through a running train...!

As u approach them they grow bigger,once u pass them they become smaller!!!!
Life Laughs at u whn ur unhappy

Life smiles at u whn ur happy...,


life Salutes u whn u make others happy...!!!
Sometimes we must get hurt in order to grow,
we must fail in order to know,
Sometimes our vision clears only after our
eyes are washed away with tears.
I saw u sitting and crying..
so i asked u why ?
u dint answer..
i tried to hold ur hand..
but u walked away... wiping ur tears
then i realized we were sitting on my GRAVE !