virus SMS Messages16 messages

Ek Scientist ne Mera Brain Wash kia or phr Pocha:

Tmhe ab b koi Yad hy?

Me na Apka Nam lia to wo hans k Bola:

Kuch virus kbi khatam nhi hote.

Miss u my frnd.
Height of being Hygienic:

A Computer Science student washing his hands with Dettol

after removing a virus from his System ;)
Mobile pe ek virus agaya hai,
agar 00000420 no se koi call aaye to atend nahi kerna ,
werna insan ban jaoge... sialkot main do ghade insan ban gaye hen..
''WARNING ! ! !

This is a virus . . .

When you turn your phone off it WON''T WORK AGAIN''
''WARNING ! ! !

This is a virus . . .

When you turn your phone off it WON''T WORK AGAIN''
This is the telephone terrorist team. While receiving this message a virus will be activated. This virus should have infected your mobile by now. Your mobile will be disabled, unless you are ugly.
Girlfriend’s r like an Internet virus
They Entry Ur life
Scan Ur pocket,
Transfer Ur money,
Edit Ur mind,
Download their problems,
Deletes Ur smile,
& Hang u 4ever….
Mobiles pe ek pagal virus aya he agar 03343004071 no se koi cal aye to attend nai krna varna insan ban jao ge sialkot mei 2 gadhay insan ban gye hai so becareful

Boy: teri judai me neend urti hai, chain khota hai,
jaan jaati hai or dil rota hai…
Girl: doctor ko dikha le Q K
dengue virus bhi aise hi hota hai!.... ;->
Types of Girls ( Computer Humor )
She is always faster and faster
Every ten things she says, eight are nonsense
She remembers everything, FOREVER
Difficult to access
She make horrible thing look beautiful
She is good for nothing but at least she is fun
She forget about you, the moment turn her off
Everyone know that she can"t do a thing right, but no one can
live with out her
virus GIRLS
Also known as "wife"" when you are not expecting her, she comes,
install herself and uses all your resources. If you try to
uninstall her you will lose something, if don"t try you uninstall
her you will lose everything
Always busy when you need her
What if the I.T. industry starts producing movies?
Some Film titles may be like these:

· Login Karo Sajna
· Naukar PC Ka
· 1942 -- A Bug Story
· Kaho Na virus Hai
· Crash Se Crash Tak
· Haan Meine Bhi Debug Kiya Hai
· Shaheed Hacker Singh
· Password De Ke Dekho
· Terminal Apna Login Parayi
· Mr. Network Lal
· PC Sajaake Rakhna
· Hackers'' Ka Raja Debuggers'' Ki Rani
· Kyonki Mein Debug Nahin Karta
· Phir Teri Java-scripting Yaad Aayi
· Meri Disc Tumhare Paas Hai . . . ;->
Warning . . . ! ! !

It''s A virus

When U Turn Turn Your PHONE Off

It Won''t Work . . . ;->