This is the telephone

This is the telephone
This is the telephone terrorist team. While receiving this message a virus will be activated. This virus should have infected your mobile by now. Your mobile will be disabled, unless you are ugly.

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Customer to waiter: Everyday you charge me money for a cup of coffee. It will be wonderful if you serve me coffee free of cost today.

Waiter: Sir, everyday you drink coffee from a filled cup. It will be wonderful if you drink it from an empty cup today . . . ;->
''Bhool kar b kisi ko na rulana,

Zindgi main sab ko hasana,

Dushman ko b galay lagana,

Phir b koi ghum day to,

Maray ko phone lagana,

THOK DEIN GAY saalay ko''
Koi Dost ho tou Tum Jesa

Koi Chahnè wala ho tou Tum Jesa

Koi Dil se pyara ho tou Tum Jesa

Pata nhi Q sb Mujh se yehi kehty hyn.. ;->
Human Tastes Change As
They Become Mature

Little Girls Lyk Dolls & Little
Boys Lyk Balls

HowEver, When They Grow

Girls Lyk Balls & Boys Lyk Dolls... ;->
Uski Yaad Main Khaana Peena Chorr Diya "Pappu" . . . .

Phir Socha

"Khaonga Nahe To ßarra Kaise Hunga. . . . ;->
By All Means Marry

If U Get A Gud Wife

U’ll Become Happy


If U Get A Bad One

U’ll Become A Philospher . . . ;->
During the match

batsman LBW hoa

1 pathan 2sre se :log hm ko pagal samajhty hn,
yahan to sab pagal hn,

lagi batsman k hy aur cheekh bowler raha hy.







Logon se door rehna
warna wo bhi "biggar" jayenge,
Employee:Boss Aap Shaadi-Shuda

Logo Ko Hi Naukri Kyon Dete Ho?

Boss:Kyonki Unhe Pehle Se

Hi Gaaliya Khane Ki Aadat Hoti Hai.
Q:Why was the ghost arrested?
A:Because it had no haunting license!!''

0300 880 9400
1.Do you feel lazy to get up early in the morning ?

2.Does a book work as a sleeping pill?

3.Attend classes only for attendance?
4.see the calendar for holidays ?

5.cell in place of a pen ?

If the above is happening with u..

U r a perfect student ;-)
wHicH iS SwEeteSt tRee iN tHe wOrlD....?


Pastry ;):)