Shortest Fairy

Shortest Fairy
Shortest Fairy Tale In Da World.... ONce upun a time , A Guy Asked a Girl ," Will U Marry me "

She Said " No " & The Guy Lived Happilty Ever After :)

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''"Main Kal ja Raha Tha"
K Meri Chappal Toot Gayi
Ab Chappal To Mochi Seeta Hai
Seeta To Darzi Bhi Hai
Darzi To Kapre Seeta Hai
Kapre To Rangeen Hote Hein
Safaid To Dhoodh Bhi Hota Hai
Dhoodh To Bhens Deti Hai
Bhens To Kali Hoti Hai
Kala To Bangali Bhi Hota Hai
Bangali To Pan Khata Hai
Pan To Lal Hota HRangeen To Lota Bhi Hota Hai
Lota To Bathroom Mein Hota Hai
Bathroom Mein To Nal Bhi Hota Hai
Nal To Lohe Ka Hota Hai
Lohe Ki To Istri Bhi Hoti Hai
Goverment nay laga diya SmokinG pay bann..

Toyae Zoyae Aain Gain../ :-D
10 Dogs Were Running Than Another Dog Asked

Why r You Running . . . ? ? ?

The Other Dog Replied
"Agli Gali Main Naya Khamba Laga Hai
Chal SU SU Ker K Aate Hain" ;->

Sardar: Doctor help me, mein jab baat karta huun
to muje sirf awaaz sunaideti hai, aadmi nahi dikhta.

Dr: Aaisa kab hota hai?
Sardar: Phone karte waqt.
Thought of the day:
“if u help a gal when she is in problem,
she will always remember u
only when she is in problem again..!!”
Aik dafa pathan ne Peshawar se Lahore call krni thi:

Us ne socha k sab se sasti call konsi parre ge,

Phir Us ne

Peshawar se Lahore aa k local cal ke.
21st Century Is Truly LIFELESS:
Communication: WIRELESS
"SHAETAN"ne pocha kisi NAIK insan ka number do apun us ko tung krega! maine AAP ka number diya to"SHETAN"bola,abay marwaye ga kia,yeh to BOSS ka number hay.

( '' :'') (''; '' )
,/) )\, ,/) )\,
¿, ,¿, ,¿, ,¿

Aa Kahin Door Chalay Jaaen Hum,

Door Itna K Humain

Chhou Na Sakay Koi BOMB... :-)
Ek Bacha Paida Hotay He
Nurse Se bola


Nurse: No

Bacha Bola:
Oh Shit

PAKISTAN Me Hua Hun.. ;->
Ever wonder why

the sun LIGHTENS our hair, but DARKENS our skin?

Why is it that to STOP Windows 98, you have to click START?

Why is ''ABBREVIATED'' such a long word? Why is it that doctors call what they do PRACTICE?

Why is the man who invests all your money called BROKER?

If a baby is born in
Wh8 will b the color of
the baby''s teeth ?

Why U waste this much
time !
How will a new born
baby have teeth ? ;->