Ae Dost Baandh Le Kafan

Ae Dost Baandh Le Kafan
Ae Dost Baandh Le Kafan Me Botal Kabr Me Baith Kar Piya Karenge

In Ladkiyon Se To Bewafai Mili

Ab Bhootniyo Se Pange Liya Karenge.

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Poem On Ash
Sexy aunty on the floor,
Ash is not as before,
The one we used to adore,
The sweet lady from mangalore,
Now she''s a big bore,
Played around with four,
Screwed them for sure,
Drowned them and came ashore,
Vivek was burnt to the core,
Salman gave him a call of roar,
Then stepped through amitabh''s door,
She knew he scores in crore,
Abhishek is for sure,
Dil mange more,
God knows whats more in aunty''s store.
CRAZY KIYA RE . . . ;->

An astronomer was watching the sky from his telescope.
Santa Singh was observing him, suddenly a star falls.

Seeing that Santa Singh shouted, “what a shot you made!”
What is 10 inch long, hard and 5inch broad...


think what it could be?????

try to think........

the answer is ....

Absolutly nothing..............
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!

Passenger:Bhai.. Kitne ghante bus me rehtey ho?

Conductor: 24 ghantey..

Passenger: Kaisey?

Cond: 8 ghante bus me..
or baki 16 ghantey Biwi k bas me
My Heart Problem Has reached such a critical Stage that doctor says there are only 2 option left



U C Me !!!

Pakistani m0vies Fl0p Q h0ti hYn?

Bec0z j0 Act0r Hain Wo Hak0mat Sanmbhal k Bethay hYn.
Shadi Se Pehle Larka:
"Darling! Tum Nahi Tu Mein NAhi Aur MAin NAhi Tu TUm Nahi "

Shadi K Baad Larka:
"Aaj Ya Tu NAhi Ya Main NAhi... ;->
( '' :'') (''; '' )
,/) )\, ,/) )\,
¿, ,¿, ,¿, ,¿

Aa Kahin Door Chalay Jaaen Hum,

Door Itna K Humain

Chhou Na Sakay Koi BOMB... :-)
Suno gaur se PEPSI walo,
Buri nazar na COKE pe dalo,
Chahe jitna DEW pila lo..
Sabse aage hoga Nimbu paani!!

Humne piyaaa hai………….tum bhi piyo!!!!
Q: What’s the difference between
a good lawyer and a great lawyer?

A: A good lawyer knows the law.
A great lawyer knows the judge.

Garmi aur Load Sheding ka tor


AJ hi ghar laen aur garmi se nijat paen. Sasta mazbut aur paedar.

Asal, , ,

KHUJOOR k paton se tyar karda. ;-)

Dil se dil lagi hum kiya nhi krte,

ye dil hum kisi or ko diya nahi karte,

pasand aa gaya pagal pan tmhara,

wrna har pagal ko hum sms kya nhi krte