Tere JISM pe

Tere JISM pe
Tere JISM pe main apne JISM Ko rakhon

Tujhe Piyar main itni SHIDDAT se karon k Teri JAAN Nikal jaye
Us DARD se Teri Aankhon se AANSU Jhalak jaye

Tu TAN se or MANN se Sirf meri ho jaye
BADAN se Tere Lipta rahon or Subha ho jaye

SUBHA Tujh se jab main Pochon Teri RAAT ka AALAM
Tu Sharma kar Mere SEENE se Lag jaye.

Jan, 07 2014     353 chars (3 sms)     1232 views       Romantic

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Wanting u is easy missing u is hard. Wishing u was with me wrapped
up in my arms. Constantly think of u when we r apart. Ive got
the padlock u have the key to my heart.
tumhari bewafayun ka gila nahi mujhay.
tumhari judai ka shikwa nahi mujhay.
dukh to bus itna hay...........
mainay pyar k liay kun chuna tujhay......
I was asked about Newton"s law and I said I don"t know. I was
questioned on the current President of USA and I wasn"t sure if
it is Clinton or Bush. But when I was asked on who I love, the
only answer I can think of, is you.
When you love someone truly,
you don"t look for faults,
you don"t look for answers,
you don"t look for mistakes.
Instead, you fight the mistakes,
you accept the faults and overlook the excuses.
Never cry for those who donot deserve ur tears but who deserve your tears never let you cry
usay meri chup nai rula diya
jisay guftugoo pa kamaal tha!!
wo tu mujh sai mil k tha ro diyaa
faqat itna hi mujhai keh saka
jisay maanta tha main zindagi
wo tu sirf wehm-o-khayal tha..!!!
It takes 2 to tango,
2 to kiss,
2 to talk and remenisce.
So many good things cum in 2 and one of those things is me and u!
Feelings are many but words are few,
clouds are dark but sky is blue;
Luv is a paper, life is glue,
every thing is false,
only My Luv is TRUE
Zindgi ki kitab k kuch panne hote hai,
Kuch apne, Kuch begane hote hain.
Pyar se savwar jati hai zindgi,
Bas Pyar se rishte nibhane hote hai.

I"ll stand here 4ever,
If 4ever"s what it takes,
because u r my 4ever,
and 4ever always waits.....
The only regret I have is not knowing you since the day I was born
so that I will be able to spend my ENTIRE life with you.
I would cross a thousand oceans just to hold you tight.I would
climb a thousand mountains just to be with you every single night.
Darling I miss you so much.