Teacher : kisi aisi jgha ka name

Teacher : kisi aisi jgha ka name
Teacher : kisi aisi jgha ka name
btao jha bht sary log ho phir b ap
akely feel karty ho..
. .
Student : examination hall .
_/ \_ .....students rock teacher shoc

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What’s Fear ?

Fear Is The Deep Wrencthing Feeling In Your Stomach

When Pages Of Ur Book Still Smell New


Just Few Hours Left For Ur Examz ;->
Thought of the Day: If you Feel like doing some studies,

Sit down and wait until that Feeling goes away!
Khusra Math Ke Paper
Mein Dance Kar Raha Tha.
Examiner: Ye Kya Kar Rehay Ho?
Khusra: Meray Teacher Ne Kaha
Tha Math Mein Her Step Ke Number
Hotay Hain…

1: Kabhi top na karo verna log tum se jallney laggen gen.

2: Humesha late class mein jao is tarah har teacher tumhein yaad rakhe ga.

3: Agar cheating ka chance ho to kabhi parh kar na jao.

4: Ziyada parhney se time zaya hota hai aur time zaya karna gunah hai.

5: Kabhi viva na do Kyun Ke beizzati ke Do(2) number se izzat ke Zero(0) ache.

Warriors. Wakeup..

It’s Time 4 D Battle!

Refill Ur Pens,
Clear D Dust 4m Ur Txt Books,
C Ur Syllabus & Plan Ur Zones..

War Begins In 17 Days..!
7 Things Students Do
During Exams Prep:
1- Sleeping
2- Eating
3- Texting
4- Watch Movies
5-Chat Wid Frends
6- Dream Of Touching Books
7- Ask Others

Kuch Parha
tney bharam tootey they ik aur bharam toot gya,

ussee subject pas huwa jis ka paper mujh sey chooot gya
Brain is the most outstanding organ it works for 24 Hours 365 days right from the time of birth but stops only when we enter th Exam Hall...

Behind every successful student,
there is one Girl feirnd..
But wht about a failed student..??

A Beautiful Teacher..!!
exams are the part of our daily routine life,

so ghabraney kee baat naheen jo kam aaj naheen huwa kal sahee
Attitude of a ''STUDENT''

"This Exam Is Tooo Easy For Me.
How Could The Examiner Make Such Easy Paper.
I''ll Give Him Another Chance To Challenge Me" =P =D
pani ka formula batao
stupid,ye kia hai??
student: sir ye selaab ka pani hai