Happy Exam season

Happy Exam season
Jab sardi ki raaton main kitaab kholo to zehan main aik "Equation" aati hai..

Bed + Razai = Dafa karo parha
Happy Exam season

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If All Pakiz Strt Studyin & All Get Good Marks

But, Jobs r Limitd


More Unemploymnt

More Youth

More Suicides

More Crime

Warriors. Wakeup..

It’s Time 4 D Battle!

Refill Ur Pens,
Clear D Dust 4m Ur Txt Books,
C Ur Syllabus & Plan Ur Zones..

War Begins In 17 Days..!
Teacher : kisi aisi jgha ka name
btao jha bht sary log ho phir b ap
akely feel karty ho..
. .
Student : examination hall .
_/ \_ .....students rock teacher shoc
Guzray howey Exaams ko Yaad na karna..!!

Answer sheet main jo likha hai uski Faryad na krna,

Jo Hoga wo to Hoga..!!

Uski Fikar main Apney HOlidays barBaad Na Karna:)
Cheating in exams is the best exercise
for your reflexes,
your eyes roll to see the answer sheet of your seatmate!
Your ears become sensitive,
even to the softest whispers to get what your
seatmate says!
Your neck stretches either ways to
search for clues!
Your hand copies the answer
faster than ever!
Your feet kicks the chair of
your classmate to let him/her know
that you want to copy!
It''s the best way to make urself healthy,
Paper Se Pehle Ki









Is Baar Pass
Kara De
Next Time
Zaruur Parhoonga ... ;->
itni shidat se maine pass hone ki koshish ki hay

k har teacher nay mujhay marks dene ki sazish ki hay

yeh exam bhi apni filmo ki tarha hotay hain

end mai sab kuch acha ho jata hai

Is A Person
Who Can Do For
$1 What Any Fool Can
Do For $100"

-As Such V Complete
Syllabus In 1 Day,
That Lecturers
Try In 1 Sem !!
Jab Question Paper ho out of Control.
Answer sheet ko kr k Fold....
Answer sheet ko kr k Fold.
Aeroplane bana k bole!
All will fail!

Student kia jane Result kia hoga?

Marks milegay ya Zero pe Tie ho ga.
Toh Girl Friend ghuma... Paisa Ura.
Paisa Ura k bole.
Papa All is Well!!
Exams are like girl friends
- difficult 2 understand
- too many questions
- more explanations are needed
And results are most of the time failure...
Long Back,
People Who Sacrificd Their Sleep,
Food, Laughter N Forgot

Their Family Were Calld Saints.
Bt Now They R Called

"Students" :-)
jab b paper attempt kar k uthney lago to dua manga karo k

"Ya Allah jis k pass mera paper jaye uss kee biwi maekey gaye ho, uss k bachey bahar khailney ghaye hon aur ussey checking k waqt koi bill wasool na ho"