Jab Question Paper ho out of Control.

Jab Question Paper ho out of Control.
Jab Question Paper ho out of Control.
Answer sheet ko kr k Fold....
Answer sheet ko kr k Fold.
Aeroplane bana k bole!
All will fail!

Student kia jane Result kia hoga?

Marks milegay ya Zero pe Tie ho ga.
Toh Girl Friend ghuma... Paisa Ura.
Paisa Ura k bole.
Papa All is Well!!

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Wright Brothrs


Graham Bell



Saale Ko Dhundo Re, Pakad K Marenge
If All Pakiz Strt Studyin & All Get Good Marks

But, Jobs r Limitd


More Unemploymnt

More Youth

More Suicides

More Crime

Guzray howey Exaams ko Yaad na karna..!!

Answer sheet main jo likha hai uski Faryad na krna,

Jo Hoga wo to Hoga..!!

Uski Fikar main Apney HOlidays barBaad Na Karna:)
Rocking quote by a tired student:
I want a 6 month vacation…
twice in a year.
Xams are there,

at the paper u stare;

the answer is nowhere,

which makes u pull ur hair.

The teachers make u glare,

the grades r not fair,

but just like the past 20 yrs,

Cricket T20 aur ipl ki waja se improve hva hai...

hame b apna Examination system improve karnay k liye exams me ye step lene Chahiye:-

1-Har paper 1.5 ghanty or 50 number ka hona chahiya.

2-Har 30 mint ka bad mashwre k lye break hona chahiye.

3-Hame 1 free hit den jis me student apni marzi k 1 sawal ka apni marzi ka jawab de.

4-pehle 20 mint ka power play jis me examinerhall se bahar rahe.

5-Agr kisi sawal ka Ans ghalat ho to review ka option hona chahiya ta k student book se confrm kr le...
Thought of the Day: If you Feel like doing some studies,

Sit down and wait until that Feeling goes away!
ALLAH ka diya sab kuch he :-
Books he
Notes he
Time he
aur hausla to itna he ke…
jb chahe padh ke TOP kr sakte he,
bus 1 hi bat ki kami he,.
“MOOD” Sala bnta hi ni..
Pressure On Brain Is Inversely Proportional To The Number Of Days Left For Exams

Keeping The Syllabus Constant

Zubaida Apa’s 1st Law Of Tension
Class Rooms R Like Train

1st 2 Bench R Executive Coaches

Reserved For VIP

Middle 2 R General Compartment

N Last 2 R Sleeper Class. . !!
Recite SURAH QALAM Complete And SURAH AMBIYA (Ayah 79 To 91)

A Day Before Ur Exam Paper.They Have Miraculuos Effects.

Forward To Everyone U Want To Help For Better Result.
Cheating in exams is the best exercise
for your reflexes,
your eyes roll to see the answer sheet of your seatmate!
Your ears become sensitive,
even to the softest whispers to get what your
seatmate says!
Your neck stretches either ways to
search for clues!
Your hand copies the answer
faster than ever!
Your feet kicks the chair of
your classmate to let him/her know
that you want to copy!
It''s the best way to make urself healthy,