Let the most beautiful dream

Let the most beautiful dream
Let the most beautiful dream come to u tonight,
Let the sweetest person come in ur dream tonight.
But dont make it a habit bcoz I m not free every night.

Aug, 01 2013     163 chars (2 sms)     707 views       Good Night

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i wish that God would hold u tite. i hope that angels will
keep u in site. Now just2make sure u feel all rite, i"m
gonna wish u a wonderful nite! sleep tite!!
Take chances, take a lot of them. Because honestly, no matter where you end up and with whom, it always ends up just the way it should be. Your mistakes make who you are. You learn to grow with each choice you make. Everything is worth it. Say how you feel always. Be you, and be okay with it…

Güd nyt
you live in ur dreams,but dreams may die. dont get shattered,
never ever cry.da world is big &has lots 2 give,pick up a new
dream,4 dats da way 2 live.Good NighT.
You Are Never Given
A Dreams Without Also
Being Given The
Power To Make It
So Dream Big & You
Will Have What You
Want ...

Good Night ... =)
Night is shorter than day 4 those who Dream. Bt,d day s shorter than nit 4 those who mak their Dreams com true.

Good Niight..
Na Din Ko Light..
Na Raat Ko Light

Waaaah waaaah

Na Din Ko Light..
Na Raat Ko Light

GOOD NIGHT.. :* xx
txt msg: hello
ur mobile: ssshhhh..my madam is sleeping, pls dont disturb
txt msg: may i vibrate u?
ur mobile: ok ok, go ahead
txt msg: i came here just 2 say gudnite to ur madam
ur mobile: oh, tks..who sent u
txt msg: ur madam''s lover boy.
NiGHt iz longeR

dan day 4 dose





iz longer


night 4 those

who make


DREAMS come true….

So Wish U
Dreams Give Rise To Hope.

Hope Inspires Efforts.

Efforts Result In Success.

So Dreams Are The Roots Of Success!!!

Good Night...
Raat Ho chuki hai...
Keypad dabane se subha nai hogi.
chup chaap sojao GOODNIGHT
Real friends are not those
who are always around when everything’s almost perfect.
They’re the one’s who dig deep when you’re down
just to pull you up and say,
"Everything’s gonna be alright.."

Good Night
Things 2 Take Note When U Sleep:
1st: Go 2 Bed
2nd: Miss Me
3rd: Thlnk Of Me
4th: Close Ur Eyez
Try 2 Sleep Now Nd Get Prepared 2 Dream Of Me!:)
Gd Nite!!