When an angel came to me

When an angel came to me
When an angel came to me,
He asked: What is your wish for tonight?
I said Please take care of the person
whos reading this message.
Good night!

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Hoping an angel of Mercy sits next 2 u alwayz & cover U wid a gentle wing
$o dat U @lways be wrappd in Allah''s Grace, & remain
Protectd & Peaceful.
Gud nite
To Whom It May Concern: Please be notified that the most beautiful creation of God is preparing to sleep… Send your greetings now while she''s still awake. Good night! :)
Hi Had Ur Dinner?
Den Go 2 Bed Fast
Because Something Is Waiting 4 U
Do U Know What Is That..?
Sweet Dreamz

Gud Nite!
wish Moon always be full & bright and U always be cool &
right.Whenever U go to switch off the light,Remember that
I m wishing U Good Night...!!!!
A late night greeting doesnt only mean good night It has a
silent msg sayin.. ur my last thought at night..Gdnight
Tiny starz shining bright,
Its time 4 me 2 say goodnite,
So close ur eyes & snuggle up tight,
I"m wishing u sweet dreams 2nite!
Night Is A
Nice Gift,
So Open
The Gift
By Closing
Your Eyes
You Will See
The Another
Wonderful World
Waiting For You ...
Enjoy It With
Sweet Dreams ... :)
Look outside its so romantic…
The cloud is hugging you,
With a cold wind,
The star singing for you,
The moon dancing for you,
Because i invite them all to wish you,
Good Night, Have a lovely Dreams and Sleep Well.
I wish tht u visualise

a sweet multi sequential form

of idiosyncrasy occurng benevolently

in d meritorious piece of cerebral brain.

In short,

Gud Nite!!!!
800 Kamron Ka Mehal Ho Aur Raja Ka Darbaar,
Income Ho Arbon Me Aur 10 Farari Car,
Sub Spne Mei Hi Mil Skta Hy yaar,
Is liye Jagna Hy Bekar Sote Rahiye Sarkaar..
Ho Gyi Hai Ab Tø
Black Black

Ab Band Bhi kar
Do White White

Sweet Sweet
Sapno ki Pakarlø
Tum "FLiGHT".

Oh! My Dear
GooD GooD
Sleepy Msg For A Sleepy Person From A Sleepy Person From A Sleepy Frend For A Sleepy Reason At A Sleepy Time On The Sleepy Day In
Sleepy Mood To Say Plz Sleep
''''Gud Nite'''' ;->