begin with hopes

begin with hopes
Days begin with hopes and ends with dreams. Everyday starts with some expectation but surely ends with some experience-that's life!

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I don''t search but I found, I never wish but it came true, I never asked but I got an answer & I never wanted but now I have u. Thanks for being mine.
Before I got in touch with u,
I used to gaze at stars as they were only my friends.
But after I met u,I started believing
that stars do fall on Earth
Time is too slow 4 those who wait, too swift 4 those who fear, too long 4 those who grieve, too short 4 those rejoice but 4 those who have true friend like u time is eternity.
Invite Allah Into The Chemistry of Life.

He''ll Dilute your Sorrows,

Evaporate your Worries,

Filter your Mistakes


Leave you with Crystals of Happiness!

Coffee Never Knew . . .
How Good It Could Taste
Before It Met Sugar, Water
And Milk . . .
We Friends Are Just The
Same . . .
We r Good
But When
We Meet We Become
The Best . . .
A Lot Of Ants Were Roaming Around My Phone.

I Was Wondering How Come.

Then i Suddenly Realised That My

Phone Contains Contact Of Very Sweet Person Like U..!
The "CLOUDS" May Cover The "SUN"
BuT We Know That
The "SUN" Never Forgets To "SHINE"
Just Like "U"
I May Not Often See "U"
But "U" Always
"SHINE" In My "PRAYERS". . .
"Ignorance Up to a specfic time

will rise your value

When it is adopted as a habbit

It Will make Others to Ignore you"
Dua Hy !
Aap Ki Sari Mushkilat
Duur Hon

Dua Hy !
Ko Baksh De

Dua Hy !
Us RAHEEM Se k Aap Pr
Reham Kare

Dua Hy !
k Aap Ko Izzat De

Dua Hy !
Us GHANI Se k Aap Ko
Hadh-darja Nawaze

Dua Hy !
Aapko Hr Khushi Se
Humkinar Kare

Umar K Samandar Me

Roshni Ki Khwaish Me

Waqt k Sitare Hyn

Jis Khuda Ne Ye Dhart

Ye Falak Sanware Hyn

Us Se Iltija Hy Ye

Aur Meri Dua Hy Ye

Wo Aap Ki Qismat Me

ILM Ki Rida Likh De

WAQT Ki Ada Likh De

PYAR Be-panah Likh De

MAA Ki Dua Likh De

Aur Apni RAZA Likh De

~ Aameen~

¤Jo Dukh de usay chorh do magar jisay chorh do usay dukh na do.

¤Buri suhbat k dosto''n se kaantey ache jo 1 bar zakhm dete hyn.

¤Agar tum ALLAH ki ibadat nhi kr sakty tou gunah krna bhi chorh do.

¤Apni muskarahat se kisi ka dil jeetna sab se azeem karnaama hy.
Life And Love

Are Like

Hide And Seek.

People Spend

Their Whole Lives

Looking 4 Love,

But When They Finally

Forget To Look 4 It,

They Find It