I am still me

I am still me
I haven't forgotten where I come from, or who I am,
I've just had to make some minor adjustments to get to where I need to be,

look in my eyes I'm still me

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You Can Hide Alot ...

Behind A SMILE

B r o k e n
H e a r t

S h a t t e r e d
D r e a m s

L o n g i n g
D e s i r e s ...
If your eyes are positive u would like all people in the world


If your tongue is positive all the people in the world will like u!
Life is the coffee, and the jobs, money and position in society are the cups. They are just tools to hold and contain Life and do not change the quality of Life. Sometimes, by concentrating only on the cup, we fail to enjoy the coffee, God has provided.

So, don’t let the cups drive you; enjoy the coffee instead.
God has Four gifts for u:

A Key for every Problem,

A Light for every Shadow,

A Plan for every Tomorrow


A Joy for every Sorrow.

Enjoy GOD''s Gift. . .
Husband:Darling why r u wearing our wedding ring in ur wrong finger ?
i married the wrong man.
Books Me Likha He Phool Todna Mana He
Bago Me Likha He Phool Todna Mana He
Par 1 Cheez....Koi Nahi Kehta

K Dil Todna Mana Hai...
I Get The Best Feelings
In The World ...
When You Say
"Hi" To Me ...
I Know, Even
Its Just For A Second
That I''ve Crossed
Your Mind ... (:
Bhula kar humahin wo bhi na khush rhy pain ge
Smany nahi tu humary jany k bad ashk bahaain ge
Dua hai KHUDA say k us ko kabhi ghum na dyna
Wo tu bardash kar lain gy hum na kar pain ge...!!!
The "CLOUDS" May Cover The "SUN"
BuT We Know That
The "SUN" Never Forgets To "SHINE"
Just Like "U"
I May Not Often See "U"
But "U" Always
"SHINE" In My "PRAYERS". . .
Life Gave Me
Lotsa Thngs 2
Thngs I Shud Kip
Let Go
Thngs 2 4get
Sumtyms Regret
I Gt Hurt & Cried
Y Shd I Cry ?
Whn U r Still Here
2 Remnd Me 2 Smile (:
It Is Said That
When U Laugh, U r Praying To God


When U Make Other Laugh

Then God Himself Prays 4 U

So Stay Happy & Be The Reason 4 Other''s Happiness =)
doesn't go looking for trouble.

Trouble always comes looking for his.