I am still me

I am still me
I haven't forgotten where I come from, or who I am,
I've just had to make some minor adjustments to get to where I need to be,

look in my eyes I'm still me

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Six Things Which Weaken The Relations:
1) Misbehaving
2) Ignoring
3) Lying
4) Breaking Promises
5) Avoiding Contact
6) Doubting

Six Things Which Strengthen The Relations:
1) Good Attitude
2) Helping
3) Trusting
4) Respecting
5) Entertaining
6) Forgiving Mistakes.
I Wish An Angel Of
Mercy Always Sits
Next To You
Covers You With Gentle
So That,
You Walk Wrapped In
ALLAH''S Grace,
Protected & Peaceful

Aamin :)
Rishtay jo pyar ke thay sabhi choot-tay gaye...

Bandhan bhi saaray zabt ke phir toot-tay gaye...

Khawab-o-khayal ban gayen yaaron ki mehfilen...

Ek ek kar ke yaar sabhi rooth-tay gaye...

Sab dard dil main bhar liye sukh ki talash main...

Hamdard ban ke log hamain loot-tay gaye...

Milti rahin sazayen hamain pyar ke aiwaz...

Apni hi Khawahishon ka gala ghont-tay gaye...
God has Four gifts for u:

A Key for every Problem,

A Light for every Shadow,

A Plan for every Tomorrow


A Joy for every Sorrow.

Enjoy GOD''s Gift. . .
"I am not a palmist to tell U where UR paths will lead U..
I am not an astrologist to tell U if UR stars will be lucky enough for U..
I am not even gud enough to take UR burden 0ver my shoulders..
I can make a Wish for U..
A simple Wish that..
May Allah lead U to the best path..
May He bless U with the luckiest stars..
May He guide U,
protect U n help U through everything.. *Ameen*
Boy:Jaan aaj jab maine tumhein kiss kiya to tumne apni eyes band nahi ki ?

Girl:Kameeny last time maine aise hi band ki thi to tum meri purse se 100 rupey chura liye thy.


Talash Karo..




Talash Karo Jo Tumhe


Speak less to people whom u love most…..Because if they cant understand ur silence….. They can never understand your words…...
"Some times i send u sms of GoOd nIgHt at the end of the day....
It doesn't mean that i always remeber u or u are my last thinking of the day
It means....
K sms pkg ka last day hota hai aur sms boht zyada tadaad mein hoty hein isliye aap pe ahsaan kar leta hoon"
Think Different
Zindagi Ki Rahoon May Janay Kisay Kaun Mila..

Kisi Ko Hum Na Milay Aur Kohi Humein Na Mila..
If you cry because the sun is gone out of your life,

your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars.
We Have No Right To Ask When A Sorrow Comes. . . ''Why Did This Happen To Me. . . ?'' Unless
We Ask The Same Question For Every Joy That Comes Our Way. . .