I am still me

I am still me
I haven't forgotten where I come from, or who I am,
I've just had to make some minor adjustments to get to where I need to be,

look in my eyes I'm still me

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If U Find The Whole World Behind U & U Are Alone On One Side Than What Will U Do ?

Very Simle . . . .

Just Turn Back & U''ll Become The Leader Of Whole World . . .
Think Positive . . .
Tuje Aansu Bhari wo ''DUA''

Jisey Kabhi Na Rad ''KHUDA'' Kare

Tujhe Hasrat Na Rahe Kabhi ''JANAT'' ki

Tere Aangan Me ''MUHABBATON'' Ki Aisi Hawa Chaley (Ameen)
(My Case)

Symptoms :
"Feeling Lonely,
Miserable & Sad"



"Broken Heart"

"Missed U"

"Keep In Touch" ... (=
Most irritating and ann0ying moment:

You're getting bored and no messages, not even a
single text. . . !

Suddenly your cell rings,
you rush t0wards it to watch who finally texted !

You pick your cell with excitement and see a text
Service Cente
Whenever U Lie Or Cheat The Person Who Likes U.

Don''t Think They R Fools to Believe U !

They Hide Their Feelingz Bcoz They don''t Like To Disapoint U...
Gem Notes For Women

1.If A Man Wants U,Nothing Can keep him away . If He Does''nt want You, Nothing Can Make Him Stay

2.Never Let a MAn Know Everything He Will Use it Against You Some Day.

3.Have Your owen Set of Friends Seprate From His ..Get ur Time With ur Friends To relax & Unwind.
My sweetest memory-UR msg!

My biggest sadness-The distance!

My biggest hope-i wil c u soon!

My strongest prayer-r relation continues 4ever.
At Age Of 3 V Started Study
Wid Tear & Age 23 V Will Finish Study
Wid Tear.

1st Tear Was Water & 2nd Wud B

Fear Of Missing

Dear Ones Forever
BeCaUsE oF yOu !
I bElIeVe In Me
YoU''vE bRoUgHt,
A lIgHt InTo Me
BeCaUsE oF yOu !
My HeArT nO lOnGeR
yOu TaUgHt Me HoW
tO lOvE n To Be LoVeD
BeCaUsE oF yOu !
I m No LoNgEr ScArEd
I fEeL bRaNd NeW
eAcH dAy, As I gO
tHrOuGh EaCh HoUr
BeCaUsE oF yOu !
I''vE nO dOuBtS
yOuR fRiEnDsHiP gUiDeS
mE iN aLl Go ThRoUgH
ThNx It''S aLl BeCaUsE
oF yOu .. :)
Khuda kry k tumko JUDAI na mile
kisi k dard me TANHAI na mile
ager muje sms na kro to kuch aisa ho
k mosam ho sardi ka or
tumhen RAZAI na mile
6 Rules 4 Good Life

Dawat Den Eman Ki
Ibadt Kren Allah Ki
Khdmt Kren Walden Ki
Sorat Bnae Momin Ki
Tlavat Kren Quran Ki
Mkhalft Kren Shetan Ki
SMS krain gay hum eak doosrey ko bari bari.hamain lagti hai yeh rasam bari pyari.yeh sms miltey hi eak sms bheaj dena.kyun k iss k baad bari hai tumhari.