doesn't go looking for trouble.

Trouble always comes looking for his.

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D hardest moments r not those when tears flow 4rm ur eyes
its wen u have to hide d tears in ur eyes wid a smile to remove tears from some1else eyes
When you are alone
Don''t think of those
Who are not with you
But think of those
Who always wants to be with you-:)
Seprations r those wounds

dat nobody can heal

& memoris r those treasurs

dat nobody can steal.

But dont separate to make memories.

so plz stay in touch !!!
life has no rewinds, and no forwards, it unfolds at its own pace
so neva miss a chance to LIVE today,
and make a BEAUTIFUL story for tomorrow
Only eyes speak da truth.Neither da mirror nor da lips. Da person who loves U.Can c da pain in ur eyes.While everyone else still believes in ur smile....!
Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain.....
it takes character and self control to be understanding and forgiving.
Do u want 2 know who is our GOD ?

go to ''Write Msg'',
activate dictionary English(T9 font) & press 7273687 Number Buttons
maut ki gari me jis din sona hoga,
na koi takiya hoga na koi bichhona hoga,
sath hogi aap jaise dosto ki mithi yaade,
aur shamsan ka ek chhota sa kona hoga
This SMS Is The Best To Describe Me

Just because my eyes do not show tears,
doesn''t mean my heart doesn''t cry n i don''t get hurt.
Just because I come out strong, doesn''t mean there is nothing wrong.
Often I choose to pretend that i''m happy.
So I don''t have to explain myself to people who''ll never understand.
Smiling has always been easier than explaining y i''m sad...!
Whenever U Lie Or Cheat The Person Who Likes U.

Don''t Think They R Fools to Believe U !

They Hide Their Feelingz Bcoz They don''t Like To Disapoint U...
Staying far never breaks relation,

staying near never builds relation.

Its a link between hearts,

which never allows us to Forget each other!!
Kehte Hain K Jab koi Kisi Ko Bohat Yaad Kerta Hai
Tou Ek Taara Toot K Girta Hai . . .

Ek Din Aap Ki Waja Se Sara Aasman Khali Ho Jayega . . .

Aur Ilzaam Humare Sir Aayega . . . :(