doesn't go looking for trouble.

Trouble always comes looking for his.

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Let All My Smile Be Yours
All Your Tears Be Mine,
Let All My Happiness Be Yours
All Your Sadness Be Mine,
Let The Whole World Be Yours,
Only YOU Be Mine…
The Relations Which Requires Efforts To Be Maintained Are Never True


If The Relation r True They Never Require Any Effort To Be Maintaied
Lyf May Sumtymz b A Rough Road 2 Walk On
Whr Evrything Seemz Rong
Dun Giveup. Jst Go On Coz
Whn U Fink U r All Alone
Luk Bck & U''ll Find Me Walkin Along ... :)
There is a lot of difference between human being and being human.

A few understand it.
"I never wished for somebody to stay just because i say.. I just wanted someone who will stay, even when I'm pushing them away."
cute relationship is when someone is angry with you
and says..
" i'll never talk to u"

and later

comes back to you just to inform ..
"i'm still angry"

Bas Aik Dua Hai Meri Apnay Khuda Say
Agah Rakhay Har Pal Mujhay Apni Saza Say
Mit''ti Hai To Mit Jaye Ye Hasti Meri
Par Dil Na Dukhay Kisi Ka Meri Waja Say
It Was An Ordinary Day
I Was Caught In My Routine When
Suddenly Something Made Me Think Of You.
I Paused For A Moment N Smiled.
It Was No Longer An Ordinary Day…

1.Pray as if everything depends on God, and work as everything depends on you.

2.To handle yourself use your mind & to handle others use your heart.

3.Don''t loose head in success and heart in failure.

4.Beauty and colour may attract the eye but character appeals to the "HEART

"THe blood of martyers"



"the ink of scholar"
Rose is famous 4 Grace...

Advocate is famous 4 his Case..

Horses are famous 4 Race...

But U r famous 4 Smile on your Face
A candle loses nothing of its light by lighting another candle.
You are one shining candle...... ..
May you never get tired of sharing your light!!