Old Friends Are GOLD

Old Friends Are GOLD
Old Friends Are GOLD . . . New Frndz May Be DIAMOND . . .
Don''t Ever Forget The GOLD
To Hold A "DIAMOND" U Alwayz
Need A Base Of "GOLD". . . :->

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Misd calls reachesTHE MOBILE.
Recived Calls reachesTHE EARS,
But,SMS reaches"UR BEAUTIFUL EYES & LOVABLE HEART" so i always like 2send
Life is a little foolish and v r all fools
wen v find some1 whose foolishness is EQUAL 2 ours

v fall in 2 mutual stupidity and call it FRIENDSHIP.
If time slips away without a word from me, U dont hv 2 worry about our friendship bcos feelings, beyond words will always keep me A R O U N D !
When Emotion Play Their Role Heart Cries

When Heart Cries, It Doesn''t Make Any Sound


The Person Who Listens The Unmade Sound Is Called "Friend"... (:
Yad ae kabhi to akhen band na karna,

Hum chale bhi jae to gum na karna,

Ye zaruru nahi har riste ka koi nam ho,

Par dosti ka ehsas dil se kam na larna.
Science has proved that sugar melts in water,

so plz don`t walk in the rain,

otherwise I may lose a sweet friend like u
ZinDagi Mein Aisa DOST Shamil Kro
Jo Aaina Aur Saaya Ban K Sath Rahy

Kiyon K Aaina Jhoot Nahi Bolta Aur Saaya Sath Nahi Chorta
Secret Of Friendship
Isn’t Finding A Perfect Friend But Loving Imperfect Friend Perfectly
True Friendship Doesn’t Have Any Ending
It Simply Never Ends
I always thought loving someone is the greatest feeling,
but I realized that loving a friend is even better.
We lose people we love, but we never lose true friends
Friendship Is Like The Relation Between Hand And Eyes
When Hand Get Hurt Eyes Cry And
When Eyes Cry Hands Wipe Off
Its Tears.........
My Everything Friend

You magnify my happiness
When I am feeling glad
You help to heal my injured heart
Whenever I am sad

You’re such a pleasure in my life
I hope that you can see
How meaningful your friendship is
You’re a total joy to me
Hamari Dosti Bonanza Jaisi Nahi K SInce 1925

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