Baar baar yeh din

Baar baar yeh din
Baar baar yeh din aaye,
baar baar yeh dil gaaye,
tu jiye hazaro saal,
yehi hai meri aarzoo,
Happy Birthday To You !!!"

Jun, 16 2010     122 chars (1 sms)     510 views       Friendship

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Frndshp is:
Vast like UNIVERSE, High like SKY, Strng like IRON, Dip like OCEAN, Kind like MOTHER, Cute like HUM, Sweet like TUM, put 2gtha frndshp is HUMTUM
Frnd is 1 who tolerates ur worst MOOD,

Manages to smile on ur idiotic JOKE,

Tries 2understand ur craziest DREAM,

n Helps 2deal with ur PROBS..

Always n 4ever..
do$ti Yaqeen pe Tiki hoti hay
ye Dewar Bari Mu$hkil $e jhari Hoti hay
Kabhi Fur$at mile To Parna kitab Ri$hto ki
Do$ti Khoon k Ri$hto se B Bari Hotu hay.....
True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides it''s evils; strive to have friends, for life without friends is like life on a desert island.To find one real friend in a lifetime is good fortune; to keep him is a blessing.
Frds R D Smell Of Cigrates

Whch Stays In D

Finger Tips 4 A Short Time

Bt True Frnz R Lik D

Nicotine In D Cigrates

Wich Stay In D Heart Til Death..
rab se aap ki khushi mangtay hain,
duaao mein aap ki hansi mangtay hain,
sochtay hain kia mange aap se,
chalo aap ki umar bhar ki dosti mangtay hain...!
Two Friends Are Two People Who
Are Comfortable Sharing Silence

As Precious As U Are To Me,
As Precious No One Can Ever Be,
I Know All Friends Are Hard To Choose,
But You Are The One
To find a true love, you must first find a true friend. Love does not consist of gazing into each other''s eyes, but rather looking outward together in the same direction. To love someone completely you must love them for who they are, not what they look like. Friendship is the soil through which love''s seeds grow. If you want to bring love into a relationship, you must first bring friendship.
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My Heart
Khuda se koi baat anjan nahi hoti!
insaan ki bndagi beimaan nahi hoti!
kabhi manga hoga humne ek pyara sa dost...
varna yuhi apki...
humse pehchan nahi hoti!!!
Phool khile, kaliyan khili,

wah wah...

phool khile, kaliyan khili ,

Ab gulab ki baari hai...

Hamne to sMs bhej diye janab aB aapKi bari Hai.... ;->