Baar baar yeh din

Baar baar yeh din
Baar baar yeh din aaye,
baar baar yeh dil gaaye,
tu jiye hazaro saal,
yehi hai meri aarzoo,
Happy Birthday To You !!!"

Jun, 16 2010     122 chars (1 sms)     503 views       Friendship

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I might run out of cute graphics to send you
but i will never run out of this

Dooriyan dosti badhati hain,
dil ko dil ke kareeb laati hain,
jin aankhon mein aap rehte ho
woh aankhen khud aap ko dekhne ko taras jati hai
Wo laut aayega teri zindagi mein,
jiska intzaar tujhe aaj bhi hai,
maana waqt ne ki hai bewafai tujhse
lekin meri duaon me asar aaj bhi hai.
10 persons in a day pray 4 u...i wil b one of them...
if 5 persons in a day pray 4 u .i will b 1 of them...i
f 1 person in a day pray 4 u ..i will b that one...
and if no one prey 4 means..

Don''t believe your friends when they ask you to be honest with them. All they really want is to be maintained in the good opinion they have of themselves
Love-a set of

Attraction-a set of

Marriege-a set of


Frendship- a set of
*If You Are In Love:
-Get The Best Of It
-Forget The Bad Things
-Enjoy It 'coz Nothing Lasts Forever
*If You Just Broke Up:
-Never Cry! Remember That You Were Happy
-Never Stay Alone! Your Frinds Are
-Hug More People
-Stop Listening To Music! It Only
Make Things Worse.. *If You Are Single 'n Alone:
-Play, Play 'n Play! Noone Can
Blame You
-Enjoy Every Opportunity
-Never Stop Lookin For Someone..!
"Tu Ek Munfrid Phool Tha Jo Dil Ko Bhaa Gya"
"Warna Main Wo shabnam Nahi Jo Har Gul Pe Fida Ho Jaon"
...Only for You...
I m mirror
“Tum mujhe dekh kr hasoge to mai bi hasaonga,
rowge to mai bi rownga,
BT tum mujhe maroge to mai nhi marunga mai to tut jaunga”.
Dat’s friendship..............
Aao saath me duniya ko bant le,

Samundar aapka lehre hamari.

Aasman aapka sitare hamare,

Suraj aapka roshni hamari.

Chalo aisa kare Sub kuch aapka

aur aap hamare
Friendship is a mercury drop...
If its
Impossible to
don''t drop your friends.!
Stay in touch

”H” is for Happiness The way I feel when we are together.

”I” is for Inseparable Through good times and bad, tears and
laughter. A friend will always be there for you.

”P” is for Perfect The friendship.......