Aap khafa hogaye

Aap khafa hogaye
Aap khafa hogaye tokoi khushi na rahegi,
aapke bina chirago me roshni na rahegi,
kya kahe kya guzregi dil par,
zinda to rahenge par zindagi narahegi.

Jun, 14 2010     153 chars (1 sms)     629 views       Love

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Love is possible after friendship
friendship is not possible after love
medicines work before death
later nothing can be cured….!!!
We Love
Ourself even
after doing
many misTaKeS,
Then How
can we hate
other 4 their
only one MisTakE,
So think. . . .
U hate Someone.,.,!
Come Close To Me

And Look Into My Eyes;

Tell Me What You See..

Try To Look Deeper

In Them,

And Find Yourself In Me..
To love is to enjoy seeing, touching, and sensing with all the senses, as closely as possible, a lovable object which loves in return.


kase ho

kia hall hain

kia ho raha hai

aray yar main khu

idher widher ke batin kar raha ho

seda sa

bola bhi nhe jata

I love uuuUUUU..HAHHA
L o v e
Is Lot Like
A Backache ...
It Doesn''t Shown Up On
X-rays ...
You Know
Its There ... :)
Accidents do happen.
i slip- i trip- i stumble-
i fall & usually i dont
care at all.but now i dont
know what to do coz
i slipped and fell in love with u…..
Jis insan ko gussa zayada aata hai wo insan piyar bhi utuna hi zayada karta hai
If red is a danger showing colour then red is also the colour of love
One Of D True & Nice Saying:-

"D Most Beautiful Clothes Dat A Woman Can Wear R D Arms Of D Manwho Luvs Her..."

If You Love Someone,
You Would Be Willing To
Give Up Everything For
If They Loved You
Back, They Would
Never Ask You To ...
Is not about
Caring for that one special person
About not caring for the rest of the world...
zindagi ka raaz - raaz rehne dijiye

jo bhi aitraaz - aitraaz rehne dijiye

par jab yeh dil - dil se milna chahe

yaar yeh mat kehna ke aaj rehne dijiye.