Kisi ne bhee apni

Kisi ne bhee apni
Kisi ne bhee apni kismat nahi dekhi...

Aur kismat ne shayad meri himmat nahi dekhi..

Jo kehte hai ki duriyo se pyar kam hota hai..

Usne shayad meri mohabbat nahi dekhi...

Jun, 14 2010     180 chars (2 sms)     591 views       Love

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To find a true love, you must first find a true friend.
Love does not consist of gazing into each other''s eyes, but rather looking outward together in the same direction.
To love someone completely you must love them for who they are, not what they look like.
Friendship is the soil through which love''s seeds grow.
If you want to bring love into a relationship, you must first bring friendship
RabT_e RooH TooT Sa JaTa Hy sHab K Os Pehar
JaB WaJd KrtI HaiN Teri YaDeN mErE Khwabun Ki Cha0kht pE
Jabse in hathon ko kisine thama hain,

zindagi jaise badal gayi.

Jis khushi ke liye hum tadapte rahen,

woh khushi aaj hamein mil gayi
Ik mullk ghoom k a rahey hain hum
Gaye the kiun abb pashta rahey hain hum
Muhabat kya yeh hay k koi jo door jae
pir bhool janey main koi kasar chor jae na hu
Birds dat live in a lake will fly away when d lake dries up. But lotus that grows in d same lake will die with d lake, dats d commitment in LOVE.
I Believe My Heart
It Believes In You
It''s Telling Me
That What I See
Is Completely True
I Believe My Heart
How Can It Be Wrong
It Says What I Feel For You
I Love You For Whole My Life
(Us ne kaha)
Tum me pehli si baat nahi?
(Maine kaha)
Zindagi me ab tera sath nahi,
(Us ne kaha)
Ab bhi kisi ki aankhon me doob jate ho?
(Maine kaha)
Ab kisi ki ankhon me wo baat nahi,
(Us ne kaha)
Kya mein bewafa ho?
(Maine kaha)
Mujhe ab wafa ki talash nai
(Usne kaha)
Kyun itna toot kr chaha muje?
(Maine kaha)
Mein insan ho koi pathar zaat nai.
(Usne kaha)
Bhol jao mujhe!
(Maine kaha)
Tum haqiqat ho koi khwab nai…
Boy- Do you love me?
Girl-Yes !!
Boy-Prove it!
Boy-Jump down from the roof..
She walked up to the edge and said with a smile
Girl- Push me!
People Say That We Dont Understand The Value

Of Our Close Ones Until We Lose Them!

Its Wrong, We Know Their Value But

We Never Think That We Can Lose Them!
Love Doesn''t Mean

Thinking Less About Yourself,

It Means Thinking

About Yourself Less.
My heart, it speaks a thousand words
I feel eternal bliss
The roses pout their scarlet mouths
Like offering a kiss
No drop of rain, no glowing flame
Has ever been so pure
If being in love can feel like this
Then I''m in love for sure

-!- lOve nEveR diEs -!-
Love Is Magic

The More We Hide It

The More It Shows

The More You Suppress

The More It Grows ... :)