Kisi ne bhee apni

Kisi ne bhee apni
Kisi ne bhee apni kismat nahi dekhi...

Aur kismat ne shayad meri himmat nahi dekhi..

Jo kehte hai ki duriyo se pyar kam hota hai..

Usne shayad meri mohabbat nahi dekhi...

Jun, 14 2010     180 chars (2 sms)     661 views       Love

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Test Of Love Is Not When

We Are Together

It Comes When

We Are Not Together


Realize That Despite The Distance

= Love Still There =
Love Is When
You''re in love with
You''ve no need to say
"good-bye", because
You''re always in Each
Others Heart ...
Staying Forever There .. :)
If you never follow your heart you will never be happy but if you always follow your heart you will always get hurt...
What''s Love?

"Dont Ask D Person Who Loves Some1,

But Ask D Person Who Have Lost Some1"

They Only Can Feel D True Love
Love Knows No Reasons,
Love Knows No Lies.
Love Defies All Reasons,
Love Has No Eyes.
But Love Is Not Blind,
Love Sees But Doesn''t Mind.

~ By Author Unknown ~
Love Is When . . .
There Are Million Things You Wanted To Say To Someone
When They Look You In The Eyes & Hold You In Their Arms
Nothing In Life Matters
Other Than Being With That Person At That Moment
When you being Hurt by the Person who is Close to you

do Fight Because

Fight may Saves Relations But being quiet just Increases Gaps
I believe that God above created you for me to love.

He picked you out from all the rest cause He knew id love you the best
A Special Smile

A Special Face

A Special Some One I Cant Replace

I Love You & I Alwayz Will

You Have Filled A Space

No One Can Fill
I’ll be ur 1st nd u’ll be my last.
My world,my everything, till my time
has past.
I will always LUV u until the end of
Rangat teri zulfo ki ghatao ne churai
Khusboo tere anchal se hawao ne udai
Paimane ka dil na tut jaye to kahu main
Hai cheez gazab ki jo nigaho ne pilai
Tumharay naam likhta hoon....!!

Tumharay naam likhta hoon...!!
Tumhare naam likhta hun,
Muhabbat aur khusboo ke,
Wafaon ke massarat ke,
Dhadakte dil ke wo nagme,
Jo insano ki dharti par,
Har eek mausam me gaye hain !

Tumhare naam likhta hun,
Akhuwat aur ulfat ke,
Sadakat aur azmat ke,
Wo phoolon jaise afsane,
Jo iss duniyan me logon ne,
Sune hain aur sunaye hain !