Do Not Seek

Do Not Seek
Do Not Seek

The " Because "...

In Love There Is

No " Because "

No " Reason "

No "Explanation "

No " Solution " ...

Jun, 12 2010     133 chars (1 sms)     592 views       Love

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Time May Change

My Life

But My Hearts Remains The Same

To You.

Time May Change Your


But My Love For You

Never Changes.
I could have a crappy day at work, but at night when I get to talk and think of you, you lift my gloomy spirits. You never makes me feel like I can have a bad day, and that is so uplifting to me.

Like I say so many times, you''re my Angel, sent from Heaven above to be my one and only. Your touch can excite me. When we are together, I wonder if you''re really there, or did I just had a sweet dream.
~~ Ek Bhegi Hui Si Raat Mile ~~
~ Us Raat Me Tera Haath Miley ~
~~ Terey Lab Se Tapken Jo Bondien ~~
~~ Unhien Merey Laboon Ka Saath Miley ~~
~~ Kuch Tum Bhi Behkey Behkey Se Kuch Mujhpe Nasha Sa Tari Ho ~~
~ Her Pal Mien Chaey Madhosi ~
~~ Ek Aisi Raat Hamari Ho ~~
~~ Phir Tum Aao Meri Bahoon Me ~~
~~ Mien Piyar Keron Tujhey Jee Bhar Ke ~~
~~ Tum Mujhse Thora Sharma Jao ~~
~ Sharma Ke Galey Se Lag Jao ~
~~ Mien Jitna Tumko Piyar Keroon ~~
~~ Tum Itna Betab Ho Jao ~~
~~ Hamien Piyar Ke Kuch Lamhat Milien ~~
~~ Ek Bhegi Hui Si Raat Miley ~~
Yaadon ko bhulane mein kuch dair to lagti hai,

Aankhon ko sulaney mein kuch dair to lagti hai,

Kisi shakhs ko bhula dena itna aasan nahi hota,

Dil ko samjhaney mein kuch dair to lagti hai,

Bhari mehfil mein jab koi achanak yaad aajaye,

Phir aansoo chupaney mein kuch dair to lagti hai,

Jo shakhs jaan se bhi pyara ho wo achanak door hojaye,

Dil ko yakeen dilaney mein kuch dair to lagti hai.
mujh sey dur hone k baad
yaad aon ga main

har khushi rooth jane k baad
yaad aon ga main

apnu k rooth janey k baad
yaad aon ga main

moosam badalney k baad
yaad aon ga main

ab mujh sey saha nai jata
zindagi sey rooth janey k baad
yaad aon ga main
If you r stuck between two people you like
Give them each a hug
And who ever holds you the longest is the one you should be with
When We Want To Talk

More Than Usual To
Our Dearest,

Sometimes We Can''t
Even Say Single Word,

Just The Silence

" ... I Love You ..." :)
Ciggrate And Love Both Are Injerious To Health,
But People Always Run Behind Thm If Thy Are Adicted,

Ciggrate Is Effective For The Lungs,
Love Is Effective To Heart,

People Suck Ciggrate,
Love Suck People,
I Don’t Know Why
I’M So Afraid To Lose U
When U R Not Even Mine.

I Don’t Know
Why I Luv U So
When U Don’t Even Luv Me.

I Don’t Know Why U R The

One When I Am Just A Someone To U…
main lafjo se kuch bhi izhaar nahi karta,iska matlab yeh nahi ki main usse pyar nahi karta,cahata hoon main usse aaj bhi par uski soch main apna waqt bekaar nahi karta,kahin tamasha na ban jaye mohabbat meri isliye ape dard ko izhar nahi karta, jo kuch mila hai usi mai khush hoon main, uske liye khuda se takrar nahi karta,par kuch to baat hai uski fitrat mai jalim warna usse cahane ki khata baar-baar nahi karta.
Love Is A Portion Of The Soul Itself
It Is Of The Same Nature As The Celestial Breathing Of The Atmosphere Of Paradise. . . :)
Sapna Kabhi sakar nahi hota mohabbat ka koi aakar nahi hota
sub kuch hojata hai is dunya mein magar
dubara kisi se sacha pyaar nahi hota