"If You Are Happy You Will Remember
The Person Whom U Love "

"If You Are Sad You Will Remember
The Person Who Loves U"

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The Heart Is The Main Organ Of The Body. It Is Said That Our Heart Keeps Us Alive . . .
I Beleive Its What Is Inside Our Hearts That Gives Us The Drive To Live . . .
Te Love That''s Inside Our Heart That Makes Us Who We Are. The Greatest Gift In My Eyes Is The Ability To Love . . .
To Share The Love We Hold In Our Heart Is The Greatest Gift GOD Has Given Us B''coz People Only Can Live For So Long
Our Memories & Our Love Last For Etrnity . . .
A Luvly Saying By Shakespare

Doubt The Stars r Fire

Doubt The Sun Dont Move

Doubt Truth To Be A Liar

But Never Doubt Love

"Love Is Utter Submission"
You must be a good runner
because you are always running in my mind,
you must be a good thief
because you have stolen my heart,
and i am always a bad shooter
because I Miss You Always...
Agar kush hai woh dekh kar ansu meri ankhon me,

to khuda ki kasam hum muskurana hi chod denge.

Tadapte rahenge use dekhne ko

magar uski taraf palke uthana hi chod denge.

Wo manjil hi kya meri jo dukh de us ko,

khuda ki kasam us manjil pe hum jana hi chod denge!
I want to steal the colors of life
I want to touch the moon
I want to feel the fragrance of life
it''s my wish it''s my wish
I want to hear the voice of life
I want to be a ray of life....
y0n chup se na raha kar0,
y0n kham0sh se j0 h0 jatay h0,
dil k0 weham sa h0 jata hai...
kahin khafa t0 nahi h0,
kahin udaas t0 nahi h0...
tum b0ltay achay lagtay h0,
tum dantay achay lagtay h0...
kabi shararat se kabi ghusay se,
kabi hanstay achay lagtay h0...
sun0! tum achay lagtay h0....
Chal aisy dais main chalty hain
Jhan chand aur sooraj milty hon
Jhan rang titley phelati hon
Jhan khoshe kay jharnay behty hon
Jhan baton say khoshbo ati ho
Jhan piyar ki basti basti ho
Teri Ibtada koi or hai.....
Tari inteha koi or hai.....
Teri bath hum sey hoi to kia......
Tara mudda'a Koi or hai....
Humein Shoq tha bari dair se k teray Sharik-e-safer banein....
Teray sath chal k khabar hoi tera rasta koi or hai.....
Tujhe fikar hai k badal dia mujhe gardish-e-shab-o-roz ne.....
Kabhi khud se bhi too sawal kar tu wohi hai ya koi hoor hai....
One should not Love

just to fill in an empty space

but to have someone

to stay by his side

to complete the missing piece in his life....;->
Don’t rush in luv for it never runs out.
Let luv be the one to knock at ur door,
so by the time you start to fall,
you know that ur feeling is for sure.
“V spend energy in chasing illusion of happiness
instead of enjoying happiness in d moment..”

“The virtue of true love is not finding d perfect person,
but loving imperfect person perfectly.”

“Love doesn’t have happy ending coz, it simply doesn’t end..!”
The Smallest Word
Is "I"

The Sweetest Word


The Dearest Person
In The World
Is "YOU"

That''s Why

I LOVE YOU ... (: