"If You Are Happy You Will Remember
The Person Whom U Love "

"If You Are Sad You Will Remember
The Person Who Loves U"

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When You Have

Nothing Left But Love,

Then For The First Time

You Become Aware

That Love Is Enough.
Woh bewafa hamara imtihaan kya legi,
milengi nazron se nazar toh nazar jhuka legi,
use meri kapar p diya jalane ko math kehna,
woh nadaan hain doston apna haath jala legi...!!
If u have to choose between me & d world,

What will u choose?

If u choose world u lose me.

But if u choose me I will give u the world....;->
Dnt go 4 luks,dey cn deceive.

Dnt go 4 wealth,in d end it fades away.

Go 4 sum1 who makes u smile bcoz

it takes only a smile 2 make a dark day seem bright
I Wish My Eyes Could
Speak What My Heart
Feels For You,
My Lips Can Lie On What
Is True, But
My Eyes Couldn''t
Even If I Close Them
I Could Still See You
Love is like a hunter,
who cares not for the game
when once caught,
which he may have pursued
with the most intense
and breathless eagerness.
Love is strongest in pursuit;
friendship in possession.
hey! if the sun forgets shining if the moon forgets lighting if the fishes forget swimming if the wind forgets blowing if the heart forgets breathing if the cloud forgets crying and if the birds forget flying u have 2 be sure that i can nver forget u
Jawani ko zindagi ka nikhaar kahte hai
Patjhad ko chaman ka nikhar kahte hai
Ajeeb chalan hai is duniya ka Yaaro
Ek dhokha hai jise hum sab Pyar kahte
Hai !
Socha yad na karke thoda tadpaye unko,
kisi aur ka naam lekar jlaye unko.
Par koi chot unko lagi to dard hame hoga,
ab koi ye bataye k kis tarah satayein unko.
\... An Unbeatable QuOte .../

i Saw U Sitting And Crying...
So I asked U WHy ...?
U Didn''t Answer...

I Tried To Hold Ur Hand ...
But u Walked Away ...
Wiping Ur Tears ...
Then i Realised U Were
Sitting On My Grave.../
A relationship is like a rose,
How long it lasts, no one knows;
Love can erase an awful past,
Love can be yours, you''ll see at last;
To feel that love, it makes you sigh;
To have it leave, you''d rather die;
You hope you''ve found that special rose,
Cause you love and care for the one you chose.
– Rob Cella
A Good Love Is

You Can''t Get Enough
Too Soon

It Makes You So
Crazy That

You Want To Swallow
The Moon ... :)