Ppl Say Th8
Never Expect Anything
4m Others
The Fact Is
When V Rilli Like Some1
V Do Expect Something
4m Them
"A Little Care From
Heart" :)

Jun, 12 2010     166 chars (2 sms)     696 views       Love

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Dil ki Awaz se nagme badal Jate hai, sath na De to apne Badal Jate hai, palke
bhi jara sambhal ke jhapkna kyoki Palke Jhapkne se Aksar sapne Badal Jate hai.
We are two pieces of the easiest damn puzzle on earth....

anyone can figure out that we belong together. Luv You!
Every Time I Think Of You, I''m sad ...

Every Time I Hear Your Name, I''m Mad ...


Every Time I Think Of How You Make Me Feel, I''m Glad ... =)
When you are lonely always remember that
there is someone out there
loving you more than words can explain,
and smile, just knowing that person is me.
Ek Pal Ki Ye Baat Nahi

Aur Do Pal Ka Ye Saath Nahi.

Yun To Zindagi Ek Safar Si Ban Gayi Hai,

Par Wo Safar Hi Kya Jisme Aapka Saath Nahi.
apne haatho se u chehre ko chupate q ho,
mujh se sharmate ho tou saamne atay q ho…

tum kabhi mere tarha kar bhi lo ikraar-e-wafa,
pyar karte ho tou phir pyar chupate q ho…

ashq aankho mei mere dekh k rote q ho,
dil bhar aata hai to phir dil ko dukhate q ho…

in se vaabasta hai jab mera muqadar phir tum,
mere shano se ye zulf hatatay q ho…

roz mar mar k mujhe jeenay ko kehte q ho,
milne aatay ho to phir laut k jatay q ho…

apne haatho se u chehre ko chupate q ho,
mujh se sharmate ho tou saamne atay q ho…
Together You and I
Can Reach Stars In The Sky. . .
Together You and I
Can Touch Rainbows If V Try. . .
Together You and I
Can Make The Moon Smile. . .
Together You and I
Make Heaven Seem Like A Mile. . .
Together You and I
Can Make The Rain Fall. . .
Because Our Love Is Special
And Together We Have It All . . .
Masroof hai din raat usy wakat kahan hai
wo muj sy kary bat usy wakat kahan hai
betabi-e-dil ka usy andaza kahan hai
samjy mery jazbat usy wakat kahan hai
You know why GOD created gap between fingers?
So that, when at some day one who is made for you
comes and fills those gaps by holding your hand.
RabT_e RooH TooT Sa JaTa Hy sHab K Os Pehar
JaB WaJd KrtI HaiN Teri YaDeN mErE Khwabun Ki Cha0kht pE
Let These Words
Not Only Touch Your
Let Them Travel Through
You Soul
Let Them Rest In Your
As You Rest In Mine ...
Love You (:
I Have A Heart And Its True,
But Now Its Gone From Me To You.
So Care For It,
Just Like I Do,
Because I Have No Heart
And You Have Two…