Ppl Say Th8
Never Expect Anything
4m Others
The Fact Is
When V Rilli Like Some1
V Do Expect Something
4m Them
"A Little Care From
Heart" :)

Jun, 12 2010     166 chars (2 sms)     578 views       Love

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When We Have The Heart To

Forget Those Who Made Us Smile,

Why Cant We''ve The Heart To Forgive

Someone Who Made Us Cry.

Have Nice Day!
"To be in love is merely to be In a state of perpetual anesthesia: To mistake an ordinary young man for a Greek god Or an ordinary young woman for a goddess."
The Essence Ov Life
Is Finding Someone You Really
And Then
Making The Daily Experience
Worthwhile. . . [^_^]
If i died or went sumwhere far i''d write ur name on every star so everyone could look up n see u mean the world 2 me.
Agar Mujhese Mohabat NAe to Rokte Q Ho,

Tanhai me Mere Bare Mein Sochte Kiyun Ho,

Agar Manzil Judai HAi to jane do mujhe ko,

Lot K Kab Aaoge Poochte Q ho...
I Had A Dream And It Was About You . . .
I Smiled And Recalled The Memories We Had . . .
Then I Noticed A Tear Fell From My Eyes . . .

You Know Why?

Coz In My Dream You Kissed Me And Said Goodbye . . ."
In love never keep the condition of always ending up together. Some times wonderful love stories continue by just being friends. . . :)
Love tip-

It is advisable to over react
whenever ur partner is in trouble.
It is an opportunity to express
your love and solitude to him..
The opposite of "Love" is not Hate,its opposite is to Avoid

Shakespeare said"if u d'nt Love me so plz Hate me but don't avoid me"
it hurts..
Last night , thinking of u,
one tear rolled out,
i asked why r u out?
Tear said there is someone so beautiful in ur eyes,
now there is no place for me.
My Love For You Is Like

The Air I Breathe,

I Can''t See It

But I Always Feel It


Most Importantly

I Can''t Live Without It ... (:
Love is just like life,
its not always easy and does not always bring happiness.
but when we do not stop living why should we stop loving