Woh Kiya hai Jisay

Woh Kiya hai Jisay
Q : Woh Kiya hai Jisay HARAM karar diya gaya hai Lekin humaye peene (drink) ko bhi kaha gaya hai ???

Ans : GUSSA ..

Jun, 10 2010     121 chars (1 sms)     1195 views       Q n A

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agar har dil pyar karta hai to log issey burra kyun samjhatey hein?
Agar pyar mein taqat hoti hai to log izhar sey kyun dartey hein.
Agar pyar k koi mazhab naheen hota to log mehboob ko sirf apna kyun kehtey hein?

Reply Guys.
Please Fill Honestly...

*) Cheezain Jo Ap Meri Kabhi Na Bhool Sako


*) 3 Name Jis Se Tum Mujhe Bulao


*) 3 Alfaz Mere Liye


Hey Today Is

"Kuch Toh Kaho" Day.

So Tell Me That U Wanted

To Tell Me But Did Not.
Lets see ho much you Know about my Self..!!

Q # 1) My Birthday?
Q # 2) What word i say most?
Q # 3) I Love?
Q # 4) My Bad Habits?
Q # 5) My Quality that attracts you?
Q # 6) Best Part of my Face?
Q # 7) My Best Friends?

Reply me..
Correction Day

Tell Me 1 Bad Thing
That You Have Found
In Me & You Want Me
To Correct?
This Would Help Me To
Improve Myself This Year

Reply Is Must &
be Honest
Eyes R Windows To The Soul,
Wat Do U C In My Eyes?

Or Innocence.?Reply Wid Honesty
Is Swal Ka Jawab Do

1 Cheez Hai Jo Agar Khushk Hai To 2 Kilo
Gili Ha To 1 Kilo
or Agar Jal Jaye To 3 Kilo
Batao Kya Cheez Hai.
Its a Challenge.
Reply is must.

Answer : Coconut
Today''s Game!

Aapka Or Mera Rishta.

Plz Select Any 1 Number.

445, 663, 999, 881,
554, 336, 000, 118.

Reply is Must.

999: Khubsurat Ehsaas
000: Best Friend
445: Sincerity
554: Time Pass
663: G/F, B/F
336: Dil k Rishta
881: Love
118: Dhoka.
Q : Woh Kon si cheez hai jiss ko Zarorat ke waqt Pehnak detay hain , Oor jab aus ki zarorat nahi hoti tu utha kar rakh letay hain ???

Ans : Behri Jahaz Ka Langar ( Anchor )
She was hoping that the guy would appear at her sister''s funeral again.

If u had answered this correctly , you think like a psychopath . This was a test by a famous American Psychologist used to test if one has the same mentality as a killer. Many arrested serial killers took part in the test and answered the question correctly. If you didn''t answer the question correctly, good for you.
If u had answered correctly, good knowing you!
1.White Cloud=too emotional
2.Blue Sea=intelligent n cute
3.Black Universe=devil
6.Pink Rose=u luv sum1 deeply
Read this n giv an ans
A woman,while at d funeral of her mother meets a guy whm she did not know.She thot this guy was simply '' amazing'',vry much of her dream guy, she believed him to b just tht!She fel in lov wth him but nver asked for his number&could not find him.

.......A few days later she kiled her FIRST sister.
Q:Wht z her motive in killng her sis?Reply must must must.ok coz after ur reply i wil tel u sumthng strange.