Woh Kiya hai Jisay

Woh Kiya hai Jisay
Q : Woh Kiya hai Jisay HARAM karar diya gaya hai Lekin humaye peene (drink) ko bhi kaha gaya hai ???

Ans : GUSSA ..

Jun, 10 2010     121 chars (1 sms)     1260 views       Q n A

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What wil u select 4 my personality..?

1.Blue Bangles
2.White Dress
3.Red Lipstick
4.Pink Earings
5.Silver Ring
6.Black Eye Makeup
7.Golden Shoes.

Reply.. Then i''ll tell u the answer..!

Blue Bangles: U think Im gud lukinG
White Dress:U think Im religious
Red Lipstick: U think Im hot Pink
Pink Earings: U think Im funky
Silver Ring: U love me
Black Eye Makeup: U think Im sexy
Golden Shoes: U think Im boring!
Suppose If Mirror Was Not Invented


I Ask U To Describe

How My Face Looks

How Wud U Describe .... ???
Rememberance Day

What 3 Things Come To Your Mind When You Remember Me?

Reply Is Must !
A)I love u.
B)khuda k lye peecha chor do mera.
C)u r my dream.
D)i''ve no tym 4 u.
E)plz come in my heart.
F)azaab hi ho tum
G)I cant live widout u....
Today Is World Red Rose Day.

If U Luv My Frndshp Give 1 Missed Call

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A Challenge For U 2 Rearrange D Following Words:
Karnemd (Place)
Laebaba (Bird)
Sondelo (Food)
Peoahygrg (Subject)
Rabe (Animal)
R U Genius? Reply Me Must...

Karnemd (Place)Denmark
Laebaba (Bird) ABABEAL
Sondelo (Food)noodels
Peoahygrg (Subject)geography
Rabe (Animal)BEAR....
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Reply Is Must &
be Honest
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4/ Losot (Furniture item)
5/ Rceurym (An Element)
6/ pkpmiun (A Vegetable)
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Take your time And Reply Must..
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1) Your Love?

2) What''s your Lover name?

3) YOur Best Friend?

4) Sab se hassen Lamha?

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6) Koi Songjo app pe fitt hota hay?

7) koi Hasrat?

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Zyada GUSSA konsi age main ata hai?

1= Bachpan
2= Jawani
3= Burhappa
meaning of these dayz!