if we love our country

if we love our country
"if we love our country,we should also love our countrymen"

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zindagi ustad se b ziyada sakht hoti he
ustad pahle sabaq deta he phir imtehan leta he
lekin zindagi pahle imtehan leti he phr sabq deti he...............
by hazrat Ali
. . . Ultimate Truth . . .

TIME Makes Us
Some PEOPLE Make
Such PEOPLE Becomes
Our LIFE . . . =))
life is so sweet but still sad.
Even my child too started 2
walk without any support.
but my wife still feels
2 hold my hand while walking..... :)
"The superior reasoning power...revealed in the
incomprehensible universe, forms my idea of God."
-Albert Einstein (1879-1955)
"Love possesses not will be possessed,for love is sufficent unto love"
When Prepare To
Travel Lay Out
All Your Clothes
All Your Money,
Half The Clothes
Twice The Money ...

[ Susan Heller ]
Hazrat Ali
jo tumhein khushi mein yad aye samjho, tum us se muhabbat karte ho
or jo tumhein ghum mein yad aye to samjho, wo tum se nuhabbat karta hai.
Happiness always lukz small
when we hold it in our hands,
but when we learn to share it..
we realize how big & precious it is..!!
Time is like a River.
You cannot touch the same water twice
bcoz the flow that has passed will never pass again.
Excellent Words by Dr.Abdul Qadeer>.
"Dream is not What you see in Sleep..
Dream is the thing which does not allow you to sleep.
QuOtE oF tHe DaY:

"Excellence Comes When The Performer Takes Pride In Doing His Best."