Kajal si khamosh raaton

Kajal si khamosh raaton
Kajal si khamosh raaton mein bhi, Dil mein roshni jagmagane
lagti hai...Jab aap jaise pyara dost ka khayal aata hai,
Aur hole se dil kehta hai Good Night.Sweet Dreams....

Jun, 07 2010     173 chars (2 sms)     927 views       Good Night

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;''= ( """"""""!"=l
''=(@) ===== ( @)=
Pee! Pee! Peem..
Sorry My Sms Was In Traffic Jam
So Late To Wish
Sleeping Is Not Taking

Rest 4 Todays Hardwork.

It Means Gaining Energy

4 Tomorrow.

So Sleep Well.

Gud Night.

Have Smiling Pill Too
People Love Money but I Love U Honey, People Love red Shirt but I Love your red Heart, People Love black Ties but I Love your black Eyes,
People Love cold Air but I Love your black Hairs,
People Love sailing Ships but I Love kissing your Lips, People Love Ice Creams but I Love to see you in my Dreams

GooD NiGhT SwEeT HeArT :)
I wish tht u visualise

a sweet multi sequential form

of idiosyncrasy occurng benevolently

in d meritorious piece of cerebral brain.

In short,

Gud Nite!!!!
Real friends are not those
who are always around when everything’s almost perfect.
They’re the one’s who dig deep when you’re down
just to pull you up and say,
"Everything’s gonna be alright.."

Good Night
LyinG oN mY BeD, LoOkiN at ThE CloCk, I nOe tAt iTs timE 2 zzz.
I WonDeR HoW hAv U bEEn todaY... HopE Tat EveryTHinG is FInE..
WiSh u sweeT dReaMz n Sleep TiGhT!
As Night Falls upon the Land,
It is Time To Zzzz Again.

With the Moon hanging in the Starlit Sky,
I''m Here to Wish You Good Night!
raat khamosh hai chand bhi khamosh hai,
par dil main shore ho raha hai,
kahin aisa to nahi ek pyaara sa dost,
bina good night kahey so raha hai.
This Has Been Declared

As D Worlds Most Difficult

Tongue Twister: "The Sixth Sick Sheikhs Sixth Sheep Is Sick"

Try It.

gOod NighT
I''m sending a pillow of happy thoughts to create wonderful dreams, a blanket of care to comfort you all night
& a prayer to protect until morning.

Let the silence of the night give you enough strength for tomorrow.

Let the stars light up your face and let the love of God embrace you.

Not just tonight but for the rest of your life. Good night!
See stars are blinking,Moon is shinning & breeze is
singing... Bcoz I ask them to greet U a special
Good Night...!!!