interview 4 new admission

interview 4 new admission

USA School Interview 4 New Admission
Tech:Who is ur Dad?
His Mom: Plz ask simple questions!

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How To Impress A Kam Wali ?
Tareqa Prhny Ke Lea Press Down Arow Key . . .

Lakh Lanat Hy Kam Wali Ko B Na Chorna Begherat
Next Ik Month Tak Kise Ko Pashto Mein Mubarak Baad Na Do Warna Aap Baitullah Mehsud k Saathi

"koi Mulvi Sahab Smjhay Jain Gay

I know its your birthday 2day.. i am sure you’ll give me treat in a big hotel.. so i shall talk to u in personal there, coz i dunno to express my feelings in SMS”
Democratic Difference B/w USA & PAKISTAN ...

IN USA .. U can Kiss at public Places but can''t shit .

In PAKISTAN .. U can shit in public places but can''t kiss . :)
Before U
Judge A Person,
Walk A Mile In
His Shoes..

After That,
Who Cares?

He''s A Mile Away & The Shoes R Yours!!
Take & Run..
“NAIKI” Kar K Aisy bhool jaaya
“Shadi” Kr k Muskrana Bhol jaaty Hain..
Do Pal Ki Bhi Khushi Na Mili Tou Kia Hua

Umar BhaGham K Sahare G Lainge

Kia Hua Jo Humari Girlfrend Nahi

Hum Aap KI Girl Friend K Sahare G Lainge ;->
Mosam shabab ka,
Nasha sharab ka,
Parda janab ka or rang gulab ka,
in sabme haseen , in sabme Lajawab dekho SMS padne wala "Chehara Janab ka."
If one doctor doctors another doctor does the doctor who
doctors the doctor doctor the doctor the way the doctor he is
doctoring doctors? Or does the doctor doctor the way the
doctor who doctors doctors?
"When a doctor falls ill another doctor doctor''s the doctor.
Does the doctor doctoring the doctor doctor the doctor in his
own way or does the doctor doctoring the doctor doctors the
doctor in the doctor''s way"

Santa: Tum guitar bahot acha bajate ho!
Me bahar khada sun raha tha
Banta: Mai kahan baja raha tha?
Mai to uske upar se dhul jhad raha tha
Banta was amazed to find Santa playing chess with his dog.
He watched the game in astonishment for a while.

"I can hardly believe my eyes!" Banta exclaimed.

"That"s the smartest dog I"ve ever seen."

"Nah, he"s not so smart," Santa replied.

"I"ve beaten him three games out of five"
Here Is Some Career Advice

First, Listen To Your Heart


Listen To Your Brains


Do What Your Wife Tell You To Do . . . ;->