Riddle SMS Messages56 messages

If U Look At Me
I''ll Look At U
If U Grin At Me
I''ll Grin At U
I U''ll Dance
I''ll Also Dance
Bt If U Shout,
Sorry, I can''t. Who am I ?

Answer: Mirror
I + opp of W + starting of ICE +
twice of the letter befpor T +3/4th to x +
15th letter + 1/2 of O.

Answer: I Miss U

Answer: SMILE
Letter after F + Half of 8 + shadow of q +
opposite of d+ Letter before M +
Middle of SEA + 2 into 19th letter +
end of YOU

I am 10 letter word,
My 1234 has power to rule,
U eat my 5678.
My 89 & 10 means of a lady,
I can fly what am i ?????

the fishermen love me
but doctors hate me
kids want to eat me
i am a 13 letter word who am i??
hint: _H_T_ _ _I_ _ME_

Chathuringmes (worms)
Every Thing I swallon iz Digested in Full
If I Drink Water
I''ll Die Soon. Guess Wht iz It ?

Answer: Fire
woh kya cheez hai jo saal mein 1 bar maheina mein 2 bar hafta mein 4 bar aur din mein 6 bar ati hai ? its a challenge for all ;)
1 admi car main 2 lrkiyon k 7 betha hai.

Car ka No. 2989 hai,

jo Car ka number hai wohi admi ka

un larkyon say rishta hai.Batao kia rishta hoa?

Its challenge 4 u.

Answer: Nawassi [2 9 89 [Nawasi]]
A Puzzel 4 You

Tell me

I''m A Word Of 5 Letters

People Eat Me..!

If U Remove My 1st Letter i''ll Be A Form Of Energy

If U Remove My 1st 2 Letters i''ll Be Needed 4 Living...!

If U Remove My 1st 3 Letters i''ll Be Near U

If U Remove My 1st 4 Letters i''ll Be A Drink 4 U..

Answer: WhEAT
I''m the begining of the end. U can C me twice in a decade but once in a year & not in day but once in june & twice in a week.
Only genius can ans...

Ans = E
Kisi easi Larki ka name batao, jis main ye word na aate hoo ( a,e,i,o,u)..

It challange 4 all....