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If Someone Purposes You..

And You Dont Love Him/Her,

Hw Wud You Deny Him/Her Without Breaking Heart??
Kon Sa Mosam Dil Ko Bahta Ha ?
Apni Achi Aur Buri Aadat Batye ?
Koi Film Jo Bar Bar Dekhi Ho ?
Zindgi K Kin Dino Ma Wapis Jana Chahte Ho ?
Subha Ka Aghaz Kis Tarah Karte Ho ?
Zindagi Kub Buri Lagti Ha ?
Kabi Najomi Ko Hath Dikhaya ?
(Bye) Is A Little Wrd That Causes S0 Much Pain ..

The Pers0n U h0Ld N0w Might Nvr Meet U Again!

S0 Nvr Say (Bye)
Alwayz Se ..
(Meet U Again)
(C U S00n)

Send It 2 Th0se Wh0m U Nvr Want 2 Say (Bye) In Ur Life ..
It is a challenge for you,
Rewrite these words in a proper oder..
1/ Ctorpai (A Fruit)
2/ Suolt (A Flower)
3/ Jahatalm (Historical Place)
4/ Losot (Furniture item)
5/ Rceurym (An Element)
6/ pkpmiun (A Vegetable)
7/ Srriratbe (A Proffesion)

Take your time And Reply Must..
Reply of Najam''s Msg !

Rewrite these words in a proper oder..

1. Apricot
2. Lotus
3. Taj Mahal
4. Stool
5. Mercury
6. Pumpkin
7. Barisster
Wo kon sa badsha ha jo apne maa
k pet me 3 sal tak rha
or jub wo peda howa to us
k 32 k 32 dant nekal chuke the ?
It''s my chelenge 4 u ,
Fill it For me..

Colour For Me:- ?

Nick for me:- ?

Dress for me:- ?

Flower for me:- ?

Advice for me:- ?

Song for me:- ?

Tittel for me:- ?

Gift for me:- ?

Reply Must..
Face Test:
Q # 1:- What do you find on my Face:-
a) Silence?
b) Innocence?
c) Proud?
d) Softness?
Q # 2:- Which 1 is the Most Attractive:-?
a) Eyes?
b) Smile?
c) Lips?
d) Hair?
Q # 3:- What is the 1st Impression that you got from My Face:-
a) Cute?
b) Smart?
c) Attitude?
d) Intelligent?
Reply Must if you are my Friend..?
Lets see ho much you Know about my Self..!!

Q # 1) My Birthday?
Q # 2) What word i say most?
Q # 3) I Love?
Q # 4) My Bad Habits?
Q # 5) My Quality that attracts you?
Q # 6) Best Part of my Face?
Q # 7) My Best Friends?

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Ager apko meri "Ammi" ko meri "Shikayat" Laganey ka MOQA miley to App Meri Konsi "Shikayat" Lagaoe Gaye..?

Send this to your Friends..
And find interesting facts about you Pesonality..
But Reply Me 1st..
If u love some 1
then Arrange these letters in 4 WORDS


I m waiting for ur answer

Answer By HumAyuN

Do you miss me
1) Kis MuLQ main NanGay Paoen ChalneY per SaZa Di JaTii Hai ?
2) Darya-e-Neel Kis Mulk Main Hai ?
3) Wazir-e-Load Sheading Ka Naam Kia Hai ?

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